Human Torch (Jim Hammond)

Human Torch (Jim Hammond

Jim Hammond is the first Human Torch, and the first super-powered hero in the Marvel Universe.


A human-seeming android created by scientist Phineas T. Horton in 1939, the Human Torch's powers were the result of the chemicals used in his creation. Intially feared by the public due to the lack of control he had over his powers, the Torch gained the public's trust when he not only stopped the plans of a mobster, but also gained control over his abilities. Severing his ties with his "father" over Horton's greed, the Torch, under the alias "Jim Hammond", became a superhero, gaining a sidekick in Thomas Raymond, aka Toro the Flaming Boy, and fought both super-villains and the Axis powers. As a member of The Invaders and later The All-Winners Squad, Jim and Toro fought beside Captain America, Bucky, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Miss America and The Whizzer. In Marvel canon, it was no less than Jim himself who killed Adolf Hitler. Just as in real-life, the post-World War Two era saw a decline in Jim's appearances, just as it did for many superheroes, including his fellows Captain America and Sub-Mariner.

After some time in suspended animation, a brief 1950's revival, "death", a battle with his successor, a second "death" (which resulted in the construction of the Vision), and a resurrection as part of the Legion of the Unliving, Jim was revived by the West Coast Avengers, who he became a member of. After that team disbanded, he became the head of the Heroes for Hire, until the team disbanded. Following yet another "death", Jim was revived again, and recently served with the Secret Avengers.

Other Media Appearances

  • Jim appeared in an episode of 'The Superhero Squad' entitled 'World War Witch', featuring a time-traveling Scarlet Witch meeting and fighting beside The Invaders.
  • In a scene during the World's Fair segment of 'Captain America : The First Avenger', a display was seen briefly, featuring a man enclosed inside an airtight cylinder, listed as 'The Burning Man'. The man was wearing a red suit like Jim's, and is widely believed to be him, unnamed due to movie licensing rights.
  • Jim appears as an extra character in the MCU-related video game, Lego Marvel's Avengers.
  • For a brief time in the 1970's, the Johnny Storm Human Torch wore a red uniform, partly as an homage to the Jim Hammond Torch.


  • Fire Manipulation
  • Heat Thermalkinesis
  • Self Immolation
  • Flight
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