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The humans are a heroic race primarily served as the main heroes in the legendary Warcraft universe depending on the sub-factions of their main organization known as the Alliance. They are based on medieval Europe in their appearance and the possible opposite of orcs. In the first 2 Warcraft installments they were also depicted as the main race of the human campaigns and the antagonist heroes of the orc campaigns. The humans fought for the side of Heaven against the Hellish orcs before they were abandoned in Warcraft III. Humans have a devout reverence for the Holy Light: an abstract deity that promotes theological virtues and chivalry and grants its practitioners magical powers ranging from healing and protection, to smiting power against the undead, demons, and other evil creatures. After being taught the ways of magic by the high elves during the Troll Wars, humans have become one of the most proficient races in the ways of magic as well as in Azeroth.

The humans descended from an ancient nomadic tribe known as the Arathi, who conquered and united the other warring human tribes and founded the empire of Arathor and the great city of Strom, later known as Stromgarde. The Arathi formed an alliance with the high elves of the far north after they aided them in a war against the Amani Empire of trolls. In World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King it is revealed that humans are the descendants of mutated vrykul. By the time of the first Warcraft, seven kingdoms had arisen from the former lands of Arathor. The primary human faction in the first two games and World of Warcraft is the Kingdom of Azeroth (later renamed the Kingdom of Stormwind in World of Warcraft). The remaining kingdoms were introduced in the second game of the series, all centered in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms: Lordaeron, the original founder of the Alliance, Gilneas, Stromgarde, the former Arathi capital, Dalaran, home to the Arathi wizards, who became the Kirin Tor, Kul Tiras, the naval realm, and Alterac.

The humans use horses as mounts.

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