Humongous Chicken as seen on his original appearance.

Humongous Chicken is a white orange-yellow beaked chicken from Sesame Street. He/she was originally a giant vicious chicken who tried to stop Elmo from getting his blanket on his/her first Sesame related appearance on The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

On the episodes with the superhero outfit like Professor Super Grover's School for Super-Heroes for example, Humongous chicken arrives when a cluck sound has been summoned by anyone and it uses several abilities to solve issues on Sesame Street. The chicken on the episode of Super Chicken on Sesame Street had mistreatment against others including Grover by eating everyone's popcorn due to his/her weakness and leaves with a huff at Grover. In the 2008 episode, he/she and his assistant "Robin" fall out of the sky and they team up to begin to formulate plans to save the day.

On the bicycle safety sketch, Humongous Chicken volunteers with Grover on where the equipment should be placed. While Grover misplaces the equipment and passes them off as another, Humongous Chicken warns and shows Grover where they should be placed instead. After the equipment, he/she fears with riding the bike and crashes after Grover pushes the chicken on the bike.


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