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Cinar and Little Golden Book's The Real Story of Humpty Dumpty (1990)

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Humpty Dumpty in Wee Sing King Cole's Party

It's been a long time, brother.
~ Humpty Alexander Dumpty

Humpty Alexander Dumpty also known as Humpty Dumpty is the tritagonist as well as the central antagonist of the 2011 film Puss in Boots. He helped Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws to get the Golden Goose. Puss became his best friend when some orphanage bullies spun Humpty Dumpty around on the table and Puss stopped their act.

He is voiced by Zach Galafinakis who also later voiced Mr. Link in Missing Link.


After being adopted by Imelda and cared for in an orphanage, Puss and Humpty befriend each other after Puss protects Humpty from orphanage bullies and the two make a brotherly oath. Humpty explains to Puss while looking at clouds how he wants to become a golden egg and how he feels he belongs up there. Soon afterwards, they begin a quest to find three magical beans (from the fairytale "Jack and the Beanstalk"), but their attempts fail and they soon grow rebellious as they become teenagers.

After being caught several times, the two converse on the rooftop. Humpty explains how he's fed up with having to live in the orphanage and throws a rock out of frustration, which inherently lands on a lock encasing a bull. The lock unlocks and releases the captivated bull who immediately begins charging at Comandante's (one of the chief guards) mother. Upon instinct, Puss leaps into action before Humpty could stop him and he steers the bull away from the old lady. He is then granted as a hero by everyone in the village and agrees to stop his dastardly ways.

Humpty, however, continues stealing and rebelling to the point where he is being chased down by guards. Humpty wakes up Puss one night in order to help him "escape". They reach a wall and Puss lifts him over on command, but then realizes it's a bank. Humpty comes out with bagfulls of money and tries to escape. Puss is appalled and the two begin arguing.

The guards stop them and Comandante realizes Puss and accuses him of theft. Humpty uses the wagon to escape and the two escape the guards, but soon come across a bridge. The wagon collapses and falls into the river below the bridge. Humpty rolls off and struggles to get up. The guards begin to catch up and Humpty pleads for Puss to help him up. Puss decides not to and jumps of the river and away from the guards and spends the rest of his years renegade. Years later, Puss goes on a heroic adventure teaming up with mastermind Humpty Dumpty and street-savvy Kitty Softpaws. He learns that the outlaw couple Jack and Jill have the magic beans he's been looking for most of his life, beans that can lead him to a giant's castle holding valuable golden goose eggs. When Puss tries to steal them from the outlaws' room, a masked cat interrupts. Both fail and escape, and Puss follows the cat back to the Glitter Box, a club, where they have a dance-off and a sword fight, ending when Puss hits the masked cat in the head with a guitar. He learns that the masked cat is Kitty Softpaws, and is shocked to learn she is a girl. She is allied with Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis), a talking egg and Puss' long-estranged childhood friend from the orphanage where he was raised. Puss tells Kitty of his feelings of betrayal for a youthful misadventure when Humpty tricked Puss into helping commit a crime. Humpty attempts to convince Puss to join them in finding the beans and retrieving the golden eggs, which he does.

The trio steals the beans from Jack and Jill and elude the angry outlaws in a canyon chase. As Humpty leads his compatriots to the spot where they must plant the beans, Puss and Kitty's relationship begins to grow from rivalry into friendship. The trio ride the fast-growing beanstalk into the clouds where, Humpty explains, they'll find the castle of the late giant, while trying to avoid a fearsome monster called the Great Terror who guards the Golden Goose. When they realize the golden eggs are too heavy to carry, they steal the Goose — which is just a gosling — and escape the castle and the Great Terror. While celebrating their victory, the group is ambushed by Jack and Jill, who knock Puss unconscious.

When Puss wakes up, he tracks Jack and Jill back to his old hometown, where he learns that the entire heist was a plot by Humpty to lure him home to be captured, as revenge for abandoning him to the authorities when Humpty's youthful heist went bad. Jack, Jill, and even Kitty were involved in the con. After pleas from his adoptive mother, the head of the orphanage, Puss turns himself in to the guards while Humpty donates many golden eggs to the town and becomes a hero.

While in prison, Puss meets the original Jack from the "Jack and the Beanstalk" (a.k.a. Andy Beanstalk) story who warns him that the Great Terror is in fact the Golden Goose's mother, and it will stop at nothing to get its child back. A repentant Kitty helps Puss break out of prison and tells him that she loves him more than gold. Puss convinces Humpty to help him fight off the Great Terror, saying he knows Humpty is a good person at heart, and he will be forgiven if he helps save the town. The Great Terror arrives, revealing itself to be a giant goose, aka Mother Goose. Using the Golden Goose as bait, Puss and Humpty lure the Great Terror out of the town, but Humpty and the Goose are knocked off a bridge with Puss holding on to them. Humpty knows Puss cannot hold both of them, and he lets go, sacrificing himself to save the Goose and the town. Humpty's shell cracks open to reveal that he was a golden egg on the inside. The Great Terror then takes the Goose and Humpty away back to the giant's castle.

Puss is forced to flee because he is still an outlaw, but his efforts to save the town make him a hero among the townspeople. Puss and Kitty escape the guards once more, and Kitty says she will see him again soon, showing that she has taken his boots. In the epilogue, Jack and Jill are recovering from their injuries after being crushed by the Great Terror, it is shown that Humpty is alive and well and was just wearing a golden egg suit, as he rides the Great Terror into the clouds, and Puss and Kitty head back to dance at the Glitter Box, where they finally kiss.

Humpty Dumpty is a normal human-sized old man egg. In the 1990 North American hand-drawn animated musical Cinar and Little Golden Book video, The Real Story of Humpty Dumpty, he sat on a wall and had a great fall and all the King's horses and all the King's men could not put him together again. Before he was up on the wall, he saved Princess Allegra from Glitch the witch and her poison custard pie then became the hero for the King's kingdom after he started his journey to the palace by running away to the palace that was so deeper from the farm that belonged to Farmer Dumpty the fair light white skin old man peasant farmer. There, he was called a freak by the hens and the chickens in Farmer Dumpty's henhouse then Farmer Dumpty told him not to mind the hens and the chickens and that it was just that he was different because something meant he was like the Ugly Duckling. Everyone on the farm laughed at him, and he ran away, but when he came back, he had grown into a handsome swan admired by everyone around. The story began not too many moons ago. Glitch's street-smart cat, Scratch was working for her because she turned out to be the well-known one poor excuse to have for a witch. She told Scratch that there was a blue moon in the night sky and that she can only get at Allegra when there was a blue moon. She then also said that Allegra would not be around much longer once she fed her the poison pie. She checked her recipe for the poison custard pie then saw that it needed three fresh eggs in a wicked spell. If Humpty was not around to save Princess Allegra from Glitch and her poison custard pie, she would die by the time she would eat the poison custard pie. The point was that Glitch decided to poison the princess with the help of the poison custard pie because she did not want the princess around no more.

Then in the 1987 North American real live action Wee Sing movie, King Cole's Party, Humpty got put back together again, and he greeted Mary the beautiful and loveliest cutie girl that owned the little lamb, and her buddies, Jack and Jill the children that fell down the hill while they were fetching a pail of water, and Little Boy Blue the child shepherd that loved sleeping under his haystack and blew his golden horn really loud to help him call his dairy cows and his sheep in whenever they wandered off and found the Farmer in the Dell (Samuel Alexander Mowrey) to watch over his dairy cows and his sheep while he was gone who were heading for Old King Cole's party in Old King Cole's castle located in London, England in order to join Old King Cole the royal merry old soul king and his very good wife, the queen and their trumpeter and their servants and their subjects and their guests and their fiddlers three for a big celebration in order to celebrate the well-known 100 years of peace within the King's kingdom. Mary made the white wool mittens all by herself from her very own lamb's wool, and Jill brought her top favorite kitten because her pet mother cat had kittens, and Jack brought his warm yellow blanket that turned out to be his top favorite thing in the planet Earth world on the planet, Earth that he thought he would not give up ever, and Little Boy Blue brought his golden horn that he used to help him call his dairy cows and his sheep in whenever they wandered off until he found the Farmer in the Dell to watch over his dairy cows and his sheep while he was gone so that he'd keep an uh, you have to watch them every minute, you know. And Tweedle the quacking duck that turned out to be the leader of the six little ducks sent the finest and soft and light feather that he ever grew on his back during the Six Little Ducks song, and the Crooked Man sent his crooked and shiny and bright sixpence coin that he found upon the crooked stile during the There Was A Crooked Man song, and Humpty got Mary and her friends to the party on time with a magic word called "Please." Then after Mary and her friends gave their gifts to the king, the king thanked them all for the greatest of gifts that were given from the heart because they made him get to feel like the king, and then he told the guests and the servants and the subjects to let the big dance begin. Mary and her friends sang and danced at the party of their lives for there would not be another one like it for 100 years, then after the party, they went home because Humpty saw to that. The king kept their presents because he would have traded everything on the table for the gifts the children gave from their hearts.

In the 1991 North American real-live action Good Housekeeping Kids Sing Along video, Melody Magic in Toyland, the sequel to the 1990 North American real-live action Good Housekeeping Kids Sing Along episode, Melody Magic in Musicland, the movie with the Chopsticks song and the This Old Man song and the Little Miss Muffet song and the The Itsy Bitsy Spider song and the Row Row Row Your Boat song and the The More We Get Together song and the Little Bo Peep/Three Little Kittens/Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? medley song and the Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Song Gone? song and the You Gotta Sing When Your Spirit Says Sing song and the Melody Magic song, Humpty was Josh's Mother Goose toy, and he was with his good friends, Old King Cole the royal merry old soul king and the Cat with the Fiddle. They felt surprised and shocked to see that Josh was too old to play with them and they explained this to Melody Magic (Dina James) and their brand-new friend, Josh's computer (Liam Macintosh) that sang and danced and performed the I'm A Computer song in order to teach Melody and her friends everything about computer technology on computers. Then Melody introduced the computer to her friends. Old King Cole sang the Be True To Your Heart song in order to teach us how to be true to our hearts and be all-heart. Being all-heart is Old King Cole's way of being a friend. The cat sang the I'm A Cool Cat song in order to teach us how to count and be cool cats. Being a cool cat is the cat's great way of being a friend. Humpty sang the I'm A Good Egg song on his wall when he decided teach everyone much about how to be good eggs. When he sat on the wall, he was the main singer, and the two flowers that grew by his wall were the back singers. They worked together to sing the I'm A Good Egg song in order to teach us how to be good eggs. Being a good egg is Humpty's great way of being a friend. Then after the song, Humpty had a great fall with a very loud crash that woke Josh up. Josh was so surprised and shocked to see Humpty in pieces and he wanted to know how Humpty and Melody and the cat and Old King Cole got to his bedroom. They had to find a way to save Humpty, and they found a way to save Humpty. It was Josh's computer (Liam Macintosh). The five friends worked together to save Humpty, then when Humpty got up again, he was all put together again, thanks to Josh and the computer. Humpty thanked the computer for saving his life then the computer said that it was nothing and Melody told the computer that saving Humpty's life was important and she then also told the computer that was really a good egg. Then Melody sang the Everybody Needs A Friend song to show Josh and her friends and the computer what it means to be put in need of a friend to tell their troubles to. That turned out to be Melody's great way to have friends. Then after the song, Melody shook hands with Josh and she then Josh hugged each other and Humpty and the cat and the computer and Old King Cole felt grateful for Melody saving Josh. Josh asked Melody if he was awake, then Melody said that it was only a dream. She gave Josh a kiss because she loved him and then she then the computer and their friends were back to where they should be. Then in the next morning, Josh's mom (Babe Hack) woke him up for breakfast time, then Josh told his mom that he wanted to keep Humpty and the cat and Old King Cole, then his mom was glad he wanted to keep his old friends and they hugged each other with happiness joy thanks to Melody saving Josh all the way from being too old for Humpty and the cat and Old King Cole with the help of Humpty and the cat and the computer and Old King Cole.

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