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Humungoraptor is a mutant Vaxasaurian Hybrid and a potential future version of Kevin Levin.


Ben 10,010

it is currently unknown how Kevin Levin unlocked Humungoraptor, however he was stuck in this form after Ben 10,000 left him to fend for himself. General Hex, however went to bring him to President Gwen to help fight against the aliens known as the Xerge. Humungoraptor and the redeemed future villains went to greet Ben and his younger self after returning, only to try and fend of the Xerge a bit longer.

It is currently what happened after the Xerge invasion ended.


  • Humungoraptor is considered to be the counterpart to Humungousar.
  • Due to Humungoraptor being from a possible future, this may indicate that Kevin may unlock more Antitrix Aliens.
  • Humungoraptor shares some similarities to other Antitrix aliens such as Skunkmoth and Wreckingbolt.
  • Humungoraptor is the first Vaxasaurian hybrid seen, the other two are Humungoopsaur and Fourmungousaur.


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