Hungramps (Japanese: ひも爺 Himojii) is a Rank E Restoration-attribute Yo-kai of the Heartful tribe.


In episode 4, Hungramps is haunting a convenience store which Katie passes by. His power makes her (and others) want to stop at the store and buy food. When she tells Nate about her craving, Nate accidentally insults her by saying she was getting fat. Nate and Whisper then go to the convenience store to investigate, where they find Hungramps. Hungramps tells them that he has a reason for haunting the store, but he doesn't tell them, mainly because he then decided to nap.

Nate then calls Tattletell to possess him (though there was a slight delay when she and Hungramps had a bit of tea together). Then he reveals that he went to the store with his granddaughter when he was alive and she was a toddler. They really loved each other, but they grew apart, and he eventually passed away. He started to haunt the store after he died, with his hoping to meet her again being the reason why he became a Yo-Kai. He had to draw in everyone because he couldn't quite remember her face since he became a Yo-Kai.

Whisper then (quite bluntly) exclaimed that it was time for him to stop, and he does. However, just as he was about to leave, his granddaughter (now a teenager) arrives with a friend. The two were talking about Hungramps (more accurately her dead grandfather), and it warms his heart. Hungramps then gives Nate his medal in thanks.

In episode 6, Nate calls Hungramps to serve as an ambassador and translator as he talks with Blazion before resorting to Happierre. In episode 14, Nate calls Hungramps to stop Dazzabel since he has a poor sense of fashion. Unfortunately, Dazzabel possess him, making dress up like a surfer (surfboard and all), and she ended up inspiriting Nate's mother as well. In episode 23, Nate has trouble stopping his mother from eating when she is possessed by Grubsnitch. So he calls Hungramps to help make her want to eat more. His plan works since Hungramps makes his mother too impatient to snitch food anymore, and Grubsnitch is defeated.



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