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Husk is one of the main characters of Hazbin Hotel


Husk was a former human in the 70's and was dead at the age of 75 he would be reborn in Hell as a Cat demon and has addiction of Gambling and alcholal until he met Alastor and became his minion albeit reculently alongside Nifty.In the Pilot episode he was summoned by Alastor when he was about to win in a card game.Husk was understandble enraged by this and calls out Alastor for it but Alastor convinces him to work for the Hotel and bribes him with Cheap Booze. Husk quickly accepts his role as the bartender of the Hotel and Angel proceeds to try to sedcue him but Husk rejects him and then Charlie happly welcomes Husk to the Hotel and states that he will love it here but Husk himself states that he lost the ablity to love years. Then during Alastor's reprise Husk gets angry at Alastor for taking a her from his eyebrow and flips himoff. He is also in diferent towards Pentuious attacking the hotel but was distrubed by Alastor.


Husk is a bitter and cynical demon often being angry and drinks to drown his sorrows.

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