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You are a poor imitation, who is about to feel the wrath of a true hydra!
~ Hydranoid to his mechanical counterpart Hades

Hydranoid is a villain-turned-hero from Bakugan. He later redeems himself to help Dan Kuso and Drago and decides to join the Brawlers and also helped Drago to defeat Naga.

Hydranoid was originally Masqerads Guardian Bakugan, but now he is Alice Gehabichs Guardian Bakugan because Alice receives him from Masquerade who renounces his villainous ways, in a way, Hydranoid has three heads who had the same personality and the same voices, he is voiced by Izo Oikawa in the japanese version and by Craig Marshall in the english version and currently by Rob Tinkler.

Hydranoid started as an adversary to Dan and Drago by sending the fallen Bakugans to the Doom Dimension, but after he finds out that Hal-G has bigger plans than him, he becomes loyal and friendly towards Drago and his friends and manages to take down the Doom Beings and join the Battle Brawlers.

Despite being an adversary, Hydranoid is a nice guy who trusts Alice Gehabich after Masquerade leaves her body. Hydranoid is a dragon who is able to defeat the Doom Beings and Naga's minions who attempt to take over the Earth and Vestroia for no reason. Hydranoid manages to defend Drago from Naga who is not happy to see Hydranoid as an traitor. Helped by Drago, Hydranoid encourages him to kill Naga for treachery and other villainous deeds that this latter did earlier on Earth.

In the season 2, Hydranoid has a robotic look-alike named Hades who was created by Clay Fermin who has used his DNA to create a robot copy of him. Hydranoid helped by Fourtress and Chan Lee manage to destroy his robotic look-alike by showing his true powers by proving he is the real one, Hydranoid was later defeated by MAC Spider.

In the season 4, he tried to defend New Vestroia by trying to kill Mechtavius Destroyer, but was destroyed, but after the Battle Brawlers use the Current of Time, Hydranoid and the Bakugans are revived.


He has a special cell structure that which makes his whole body like a super armor complete with wings for flying, metallic tentacle-things for snarring and buzzsaw chest that drains the energy of its vuctims. That biologically-impossible torso is used for Hydranoid's Destroy Vanish tehnique, one of the many attacks Alice can activate through her Ability Cards. While Hydranoid is dangerous up close, most of his abilities specialize în long-range combat and as a Darkus Attribute Bakugan he can manipulate darkness itself into raw energy for absolutely devastating blasts. His signature Death Trident attack fires three balls of darkness that can explode into more balls of darkness and hone in on their target. The Chaos Leap Sting restrains opponents for a direct hit, Blinding Splice is a toxic mist that weakens opponents while strenghtening Hydranoid, and the Indigo Nightmare is a scary looking laser that probably gives off some serious dragon breath. Hydranoid can even use attacks from his previous evolutions like the Merge Shield, which copies any power ups his opponents receive or Gravity Chamber, a powerful tornado that sucks up or destroys everything in sight. And if Hydranoid is ready to end the fight, Alice can activate his strongest ability Final Demolition, combining the energy blasts from all three heads to create a lethal finishing blow. Strongest, but not the most impressive. There was that time Hydranoid got one of his heads blown up and Masquerade was able to bring it back. Also, he's defeated plenty of powerful Bakugan from his robotic doppelganger Hades to a multi-headed snake monster named Exedra. Despite Exedra's incredible strenght, Dual Hydranoid was enough to overpower him. And although Hydranoid did lose that fight with Dragonoid, he evenly matched him to draw multiple times and survived the full power of the fire-breathing dragon. It should be noted that Drago evolved into Ultimate Dragonoid so he could stand a chance against Hydranoid by defeatind the other Battle Brawlers' Bakugan. This means Hydranoid should also be superior to those Bakugan as well including Tigrerra who is fast enough to dodge lightning and has blades that can cut through any known material on Earth. With all that power it's no wonder Hydranoid is one of the most feared Bakugan out there. Even Hal-G was scared when he showed up to challenge Naga.



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