Hyper Metal Sonic

Hyper Metal Sonic, or just Metal, is one of the main antagonists in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and serves as the primary villain and later an anti-hero for the second part of the film. He is a robot created by Dr. Robotnik in the image of the doctor's greatest adversary, Sonic the Hedgehog, with the purpose of defeating Sonic and destroying the Land of the Sky.

Besides sharing Sonic's appearance and abilities, Metal is infused with Sonic's life data (personality and memories) to be as formidable in battle as the real Sonic, making the robot a near-perfect duplicate of the blue blur. This however created a mind link between Metal and Sonic, allowing them to hear each other's thoughts. This also gave Metal traits of the real Sonic's personality and habits, which eventually lead to him sacrificing himself to save the lives of the President and Old Man Owl.

After saving them, Metal started to malfunction again, which caused him to be knocked into a lava pit by falling debris. Heavily damaged and nearly unable move, Metal saw Sonic trying to rescue him, and began crawling towards him. To Sonic's surprise however, Metal refused Sonic's rescue and announced to him that "There is only one Sonic...", as Metal now realized that Sonic was the only one of them that could remain. Accepting his fate, Metal allowed the rising lava to consume him and melt him down to slag.


  • The second model (Metal Sonic v2.5) incarnation of the character Shard the Metal Sonic from the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic series was burned in lava similarly to how Hyper Metal Sonic was.
  • The term Hyper doesn't mean "Speed", but actually "More", meaning that his name is actually "More Metal Sonic".



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