The Hyraxes are small, herbivorous mammals and supporting characters in Ice Age: Continental Drift. that survived through the ice ages to the modern day.


Hyraxes have four short limbs on their small, compact bodies, along with a short nose, large eyes, large front teeth and a small, stout tail. Covered in brownish fur, hyraxes are herbivorous, residing in family groups.

Fuzzy, The Hyrax Chief can be easily told apart frrom his furrier body and bushier eyebrows.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Sid uses gibberish to communicate with the Hyraxes

A number of hyraxes lived on Switchback Cove, a landmass that was jarred loose from the other continents during the continental drifts, being pushed out to sea, where the hyraxes lived well enough alone. This peace, however, would change when an aggressive seafaring ape named Gutt, along with his crew of piratical animals, found the island and enslaved many of the hyraxes into building a new iceberg ship, forcing some into labor and others into captivity. The hyraxes that had not been captured found a number of mammals that had also found their island: a herd consisting of a mammoth named Manny, a saber-tooth tiger named Diego and two ground sloths named Sidand his Granny. Initially fearful of the newcomers, the hyraxes hid from them, to which Manny explained that they might work together by releasing the enslaved hyraxes and aiding in stealing Gutt's new ship, which Sid translated, as the hyraxes could not understand the mammals' dialect: this earned Sid the hyraxes' favor as a leader.

The following day, the hyraxes helped the mammals in both freeing their fellows and stealing Gutt's ship. Led into battle by one male the Fuzzy, the hyraxes stood at the top of a hill facing the beach where Gutt's ship was moored and rushed off to face him, backed by a large decoy of Manny, which caused the pirate animals to rush in to attack the hyraxes. The hyraxes, however, escaped the attack and floated off on leaves, later to drift away from the pirates out at sea on a piece of ice, mocking Gutt.

Sid hugs the Hyrax Chief

At the film's end, the herd of mammals that had found the hyraxes' home returned, taking with them the herds of other creatures that had been left homeless due to the continental drifts, all aboard an iceberg ship that had been created by Gutt. The hyraxes welcomed all with open arms and erected a large effigy of a hyrax at the bay in which the animal herds arrived. And Sid happily greeted and hugged them.


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