Sir, several of us propose an expedition for...a new warren. Somewhere else. (Woundwort: A new warren?! Out of the question!) Oh, but you don't understand. The system is breaking down. (Woundwort: Explain that.) Some of us can't produce litters; we're overcrowded. (Woundwort: I want no further discussion about it!) We'll go as far as you like! (Woundwort: Here or anywhere else!) I...Thank you, sir.
~ Hyzenthaly trying to make Woundwort listen to reason.

Hyzenthlay is a major character in the Watership Down franchise. She is a beautiful doe who is one of the representative leaders in the Efrafan Owsla. Hyzenthlay wants to save her companions from the oppression of the vile General Woundwort, which makes her to be considered a troublemaker among the officers of Efrafa.

She was voiced by Hannah Gordon in the movie and by Anne-Marie Duff in the Miniseries. Primrose was voiced by Kate Ashfield and Penny Freeman.


She is described by Bigwig as being smart and sensible, but also strong, tough and able to think on her own account. She was initially suspicious of Bigwig because she believed he was a spy but quickly changed her mind and was ready to trust him with her life when their escape Efrafa. She cares deeply for the well-being of other does, which was above all her main reason for leaving Efrafa.

Book and Movie

Hyzenthlay was an Efrafan doe and one of the representative leaders of a group who unsuccessfully tried to convince General Woundwort to allow herself and some other does to leave the warren due to overcrowding. When Bigwig infiltrated Efrafa, secretly planning to help some does escape, he befriends Hyzenthlay. She is described as sensible and strong and able to think on her own account, just what Bigwig needs in a friend during this dangerous mission. Led by Bigwig, she is one of the rabbits who escapes along with Blackavar and other Efrafan does to live in the Watership Down Warren. After the escape, the Battle of Watership Down took place soon after they returned to Watership Down Warren. The Watership rabbits won the Battle against Efrafa.

She was also a seer who has visions of General Woundwort's attack, the freeing of the Nuthangar Farm dog, and Hazel riding in a car.

TV Series

In the TV series, it seems that Hyzenthlay was replaced by another character called Primrose as Hazel's mate (or was renamed Primrose, thus giving another appearence). Her sixth sense is absent. She and Hazel also have kittens.


Hyzenthlay appears in the miniseries where she instead serves as the love interest and later mate of Holly. In this adaptation, she is far less trusting, reluctant and don't really try to run away from Efrafa, for fear of losing her friends there. She doesn't believe in hope either and has no sixth sense.

Hyzenthlay is first seen when Holly, Blackberry, and the re-captured Bluebell are brought before Efrafa's council. She is then taken with them and other rabbits to the ruins of a thatched cottage to receive the mark. Holly tries to convince Hyzenthlay that there is a way to get away, but she doesn't fully trust him. Later, Holly, Blackberry and Bluebell flee before being caught by Vervain but, unfortunately, Hyzenthlay knocks him to the ground, giving the trio enough time to continue their flight. Vervain breaks free and hits Hyzenthlay hard after telling him that this would be the last time she would see the stars.

After her recapture, she is ordered by Captain Orchis, who holds a grudge against her for her role in his brother Vervain's death (ran over by a train, attempting to capture Holly, Bluebell, and Blackberry, whom she'd helped escape), to spy on the other rabbits who desire to escape, or she would be executed. She later meets Clover who was captured and taken to Efrafa and quickly beware of the hutch rabbit, denying that she is Hyzenthlay, out of worry that Clover is a spy working for the Efrafan officers. She also orders her friends Nettle and Thethuthinnang not to talk with Clover.

Later on, Bigwig enters the warren, claiming to be in the same warren as Holly, who'd also been there, along with Bluebell and Blackberry, only to be called a liar. She doesn't trust him until he says what Holly thinks of her, also ending up trusting Clover after Bigwig assures him she was one of them. All of the does, led by Bigwig, successfully dig a tunnel up to the surface, and attempt to run away, but they are stopped by a group of Efrafan Owsla. Luckily for Bigwig, they believe that the does were trying to trick him, and thus, his cover is maintained.

After this, Hyzenthlay tells Orchis that she will spy for him if the other does have better conditions. However, Orchis ordered Hyzenthlay to be executed and said that he already has spies and that he was ordered by General Woundwort to get her to spy, so that he could break her, and laments on how easy it was. Hyzenthlay later learns that Nettle had been the spy. Clover attempts to spare her by offering to be Woundwort's queen, but he tells her that he doesn't make deals, and Hyzenthlay's execution is not stopped. Orchis orders Bigwig to execute her, so that he can gain his trust, but he instead pummels the captain, and scares off the guards. The two of them gather the does and Blackavar, and escape. However, they are once again cornered by Efrafans, this time with Woundwort among them. Just as the mad general is about to strike, Kehaar swoops in, tackling the Efrafans, and allowing his friends to escape. During the escape, Hyzenthlay encounters a remorseful Nettle, who says that she only spied because Orchis threatend to harm the other does.

Hyzenthlay is taken back to Watership Down Warren, and there, she becomes Holly's mate, but the Efrafans track them down. She, along with Thethuthinnang, makes the ceiling fall on Efrafan guards in battle. She eventually gets cornered by Efrafans, but Holly saves her, and tackles them. Sadly, they overpower and kill him. Hyzenthlay is devastated, and broken, at the sight of her dead mate, and Blackberry has to push her back into the burrow. After the defeat of Woundwort at the hands of Bigwig and the farm dog, she lives out the remainder of her days at the warren, without a mate.





  • The idea of making Hyzenthlay the love interest of Holly in the miniseries was likely based on their brief interactions in the movie where she helped him to escape.
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