Such a great admiral makes me happy. I'm I-19. Yep, calling me Iku is fine!
~ I-19
I-19 was a Japanese Type B1 submarine which saw service during World War II in the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was responsible for sinking the USS Wasp (CV-7) and USS O'Brien (DD-415), and damaging the USS North Carolina (BB-55) during the Guadalcanal campaign.


I-19 wears all but a school swimsuit with a name tag on it. Other equipment includes a cannon on her right thigh and several torpedoes around her. She has long blue hair in triple-tails, secured with white ribbons and tiny ship parts. She also has red eyes with star-shaped pupils.


Her nickname is "Iku" (19 in goroawase, nothing to do with that other Iku). She is playful and loves flirting with the Admiral from time to time. Iku is very often seen holding her torpedoes in such a way that they go between her breasts.


  • 2013 November event special map E1 completion reward
  • Calls herself as "Iku". The "i" is a way to read the 1 in Japanese along with the "ku" as a way to read the 9.
  • In September 15, 1942, while patrolling the Solomon Islands, she fired 6 torpedoes at the carrier USS Wasp, 3 hit causing heavy damage, later she was abandoned and scuttled, while the other 3 sunk the destroyer USS O'Brien and damaged significantly the battleship USS North Carolina.
  • Sunk via depth charges on November 25, 1943 by USS Radford.
  • She has a resemblance to Dizzy.
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