iCarly was both the name of the team, and the name of the TV show on Nickelodeon. It stars Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett, and Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson.

At the age of thirteen, Carly Shay, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson created a webshow called iCarly, performed at first to break Ms. Briggs's talent show rules. Carly is the main star, as Sam just wanted to be her "amusing little sidekick", as she said in iPilot, while Freddie is the tech producer. The three become reasonably famous, and have adventures in each episode to make iCarly better, or to keep it from being shut down. Topic of discussion often includes Bras, Hobos and Wedgies. The show has had many guest appearances such as the band, The Plain White T's, and Aria Wallace as Mandy Valdez. Gibby appears on the show most times to do crazy things with Carly and Sam or celebrate something.

Cast and Staff of iCarly

  • Carly Shay - (Founder of iCarly and Host of iCarly Webshow)
  • Sam Puckett - (Founder of iCarly and co-host of iCarly Webshow)
  • Freddie Benson - (Founder of iCarly and the Technical Producer of the show and recurring actor on a lot of iCarly skits)
  • Gibby Gibson -(Actor and lead star on iCarly. Recurring character on 2007-2010 and lead actor 2010-2012)
  • Spencer Shay -(Lead Actor and Artist on iCarly on 2007-2012)
  • Brad -(Intern of iCarly 2011-2012)

Celebrities who guest starred on iCarly Webshow

  • Michelle Obama the first lady of U.S.A.
  • Plain White T
  • Keenan Thompson
  • David Archuleta
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • One Direction