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I love the way your foul little mind works!
~ Jafar to Iago.
~ Iago fully reformed in The Return of Jafar.

Iago is a loud-mouthed greedy male parrot and one of the main characters of the Aladdin franchise. In the first film, he used to work for the evil sorcerer Jafar, but in the sequel, Iago reforms and joins the heroic thief Aladdin and his friends and becomes good. He was the secondary antagonist of the first film, the deuteragonist of The Return of Jafar and a major character of Aladdin and the King of Thieves He was Jafar's former pet parrot and is now one of Aladdin's good friends.

He is voiced by famous comedian/actor Gilbert Gottfried. In the 2019 live-action remake, he is voiced by Alan Tudyk, who also voices Turbo and the Duke of Weselton.


Iago resembles to that of a scarlet macaw. He can speak fluent English and has the ability to perfectly mimic other characters' voices, possibly due to Jafar's influence. He also possesses a fine knowledge of magical lore learned from Jafar, which often comes in handy as Genie's magical knowledge is 10,000 years out of date. He's easily frustrated and openly vocalizes his frustrations. Although he denies it, he actually has a good heart, and his guilt from abandoning his friends or leaving them to deal with a crisis usually makes him return to intervene, and he even sometimes come out as a hero, but almost every time at the expense of losing something of value, which he without fail berates himself for afterwards.

Interestingly, Iago often displays a certain fondness for Princess Jasmine, being generally unhappy when he disappoints her, and often helping her out in smaller matters. In the Return of Jafar, it seems to be her compassion towards him that increases his guilt to the point of near-confession, and then her anger and disappointment that prompts him to release Genie to save Aladdin.

Iago will do almost anything to keep out of danger or at least try and talk with Aladdin or the others out of attempting something he deems crazy or impossible, usually both. And yet, he is willing to do Jafar's dirty work, such as retrieving Genie's lamp at times. His loyalties to Jafar either pertain out of true loyalty of a Promised reward (like in the first film), or out of fear (the second film). He's very clever, and makes witty, sarcastic remarks constantly. But he's also very greedy, which sometimes makes him gullible if he thinks there's a treasure to be found. In other words, he's a wacky bird that can make anyone laugh.


  • Iago is the first villain in Disney history to lastingly reform in a sequel other than his debut film. Among the few other characters to have this distinctions are Anastasia Tremaine and Captain Gantu.
  • Originally, Iago was meant to be a snobbish parrot with a British accent. However, to further the comedy, his character was changed drastically to what animator Will Finn calls "Gilbert Gottfried as a parrot".
  • Iago was deliberately given teeth to give more resemblance to Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Danny DeVito was considered for the role of Iago, but was unavailable during production. However, DeVito would later voice Philoctetes in Disney's 1997 animated film, Hercules.
  • Although Iago was absent in the Hercules crossover with Aladdin, he was mentioned by Jafar.


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