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"Hello, Smelliot. Haha. I called him "Smelliot."
~ Ian insulting Elliot
"You two are perfect for each other. You're a loser, and you're a loser-er!
~ Ian taunting Boog & Elliot
Oh, please! Look at me! I'm too pretty to die!
~ To Boog begging him to help stop the hunters

Ian is the former secondary antagonist of Open Season and a supporting character from its sequels. He the leader of the herd.

Idris Elba provides his voice in the workprint while Patrick Warburton provides his voice in the first film and the video game adaptation and Maddie Taylor provides her voice in the sequels.



He is a large, beefy, tough, bold and opinionated Alpha deer.

He always calls Elliot "Smelliot", and usually tells Elliot that he is a loser or a "loserer".


Open Season

Open Season 2

Open Season 3

Open Season: Scared Silly


  • Gets arrested by animal control (Open Season (2005 workprint))
  • Reforms and joins the others in a rabbit fight (Open Season (final cut))
  • Goes to Elliot and Giselle's wedding as the minister (Open Season 2)
  • Becomes the girls' coach during the trip and dances with them (Open Season 3)


  • Wicked, bitter, cold-hearted, mean, greedy, selfish, villainous, jealous (Open Season 1)
  • Kind, nice, shy, handsome (Open Season 2-4)


Ian is an oversized mule dear with tan fur with a white underbelly and giant antlers.


  • While Shaw is the main antagonist of the first film, Ian was meant to be the film's true main villain while Shaw was the secondary antagonist in the original workprint of the film.
  • Although a bully when Boog first met him, he later redeemed himself in the first film and became friends with Boog.
  • Ian's nickname to Boog is "Boog-Er", later "Boogster".

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