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(Ian) The Very tall man is a minor character from The Simpsons.


Ian (The Very Tall Man) teaches bullies a lesson because he was bullied all the way from kindergarden to the 3rd grade.

He first appeared in 22 Short films about Springfield in which he drove a Volkswagen Beetle. When Nelson laughed at him, he got out of his car and chased him and Nelson hid in a sewer. When Lisa told him he was in the sewer, he pulled Nelson out and confronted him for laughing at his appearence. He then told Nelson that the Volkswagen Beetle was the biggest car he could afford.

He then pulled Nelson's pants down and forced him to march. Ian (The Very Very Tall Guy) then told everyone to laugh at him. He then told him to blow kisses at everyone. Nelson cried until Bart and Milhouse squirted ketchup and mustard on him from above.

He later appeared in an episode where he took part in the Worlds tallest pyramid attempt.

He later appeared playing Peekamon Get at the Zoo.


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