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Ibara Shiozaki, also known as Vine and previously Maria is a minor character in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. She is a student of Class 1-B who is training to become a Pro Hero.

She is voiced by Miho Masaka in the Japanese version of the anime, and Bryn Apprill in the English version.


Ibara is a teenage girl of medium height with a head of thorn-covered, green vines that act as hair. Her Quirk allows her to grow them at will, but she prefers to keep them at reasonable length just above her waist.

Her hero costume consists of a plain white robe and black boots.


Ibara is a humble, modest, and meaningful girl with very clear humility. After being called an assassin by Present Mic she calls him out, stating that she wishes to spread good around the world and would never kill anybody.

Ibara was grateful towards her friend Itsuka Kendo for giving her another chance at the Sports Festival, and was pleased to do well by defeating Denki Kaminari. She also shows to firmly believe in fair play and disagreed with Neito Monoma's plan to throw the obstacle race. Her behaviour and pacifistic manner suggests that she holds heavy faith to religion.

Despite her peaceful personality however, Ibara does also show a more vindictive side to her, this is best shown with her harsh judgement of Class 1-A, as well as telling Jurota Shishida that she hoped the "fires of hell would relieve him of his sins."

Powers & Abilities


Vines: Ibara's Quirk allows her to control her vine-like hair, being able to move, extend and detach it at will. This allows her to attack, defend and grab ahold of enemies. Her vines also work against electricity and were able to bind Denki Kaminari and send him out of bounds during the one on one match.

Ibara's vines are capable of growing back as long as she gets enough water and sunlight.



  • Ibara's character heavily alludes to Christianity.
    • Her thorny hair is similar to the crown of thorns which Jesus Christ was forced to wear during his crucifixion.
    • Her hero costume consists of a plain white robe, similar to the one worn by many depictions of Jesus.
    • Her favourite food is bread, which supposedly embodies the body of Christ and is commonly given in Church communions.
    • Her previous hero name "Maria" is the Latin name for the Virgin Mary.
    • Her birthday is September 8th, which is also the birthday of the Virgin Mary.
    • All of her Super Moves are named after biblical terms.
  • Ibara's Quirk, Vines, has a strong similarity to Poison Ivy from DC's Batman.


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