Icarus is a character from Disney's Hercules the animated series. He was Hercules' best friend during their time in Prometheus Academy. He also has a romantic obsession with his friend Cassandra. He was voiced by French Stewart.


As his name suggests, he attempted to escaped with his father Daedalus with the use of crude wings. he flew so high that the glue melted from the feathers and fell into the ocean below. However, unlike the original tale, he actually survived the incident, but was left with a permanent mental injury in the process.

In the series, he constantly trying to win the heart of his self-proclaimed sweetheart Cassandra, much to her surprise and disgust. At one point she foresees herself kissing him, so she decides to sell her soul to Hades as a means to avoid the ordeal, but eventually, it comes to reality when Icarus is stuck in a coma after an attack provoked by Hades and one of his minions. Aphrodite, whom assists Hercules and Cassandra with the ordeal, reveals to Cassandra that the only way to revive Icarus is to receive a kiss from his sweetheart. Realizing that she holds this title, she reluctantly proceeds with the decision (after a song), resulting in his revival, only for him to start chasing her around asking for another kiss.

It is revealed in the clip-show episode "Hercules and the Yearbook", which is set after the series, that he went on in to help manufacture in his father's industry and made a fortune and is named The Wax-Wing King.


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