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This is for Rin, Houki, Chifuyu and everyone else I care about. I will protect all of you.
~ Ichika Orimura

Ichika Orimura is the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series Infinite Stratos. He is a first year student at the Infinite Stratos Academy and the only male who can operate the Infinite Stratos arms system. He is the younger brother of Chifuyu Orimura and the twin brother of Madoka Orimura. Ichika seeks to prove himself as a skilled Infinite Stratos operator as he views himself as otherwise weak and unimportant.

He gotten attractions from every single girls from the All-Girl school, IS Academy who are in love with him due to being Chifuyu's younger brother and the only man who can operate Infinite Stratos including his childhood friends, Houki Shinonono and Huang Lingyin but made all of the girls became love rivals to gain his affection and nonetheless to marry him.

He is voiced by Kōki Uchiyama in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Josh Grelle in the English version of the anime.


Ichika is a young boy of average height (170cm) with short black hair (blue in the anime) that is parted in the middle, dark brown eyes and a slim but trained body. He commonly wears his IS Academy uniform. For IS practice, he wears a black tank top, revealing his stomach and tight-fitting bermuda shorts. On his right wrist, is Byakushiki's Closed Form:


Having been raised (suggested to be Spartan-trained) by Chifuyu, Ichika has learned to be polite to all girls and respectful to those older than him, and is generally very kind, which is what causes most of the girls in the series to develop feeling for him. However, he is not very bright and quite dense, which results in him often making insensitive remarks that result in him getting beat up by a member of his harem, usually Houki or Rin.

Although he often comes off as a pushover, Ichika does not take any insults to his family or his country lightly, as shown when he first met Cecilia; she was commenting on how a commoner from Japan could handle the class representative, causing him to retort that her country isn't anything special either, even asking how many times her country won the award for worst cooking. When Laura slapped him, he reacted angrily by shouting at her why she did that (LN), and when she used the VT System to copy Chifuyu's data and Yukihira, he wanted to punch Laura, without her IS, as much as he could). He believes, when questioned by Laura, that his strength is his freedom to choose and helping those around him. This is shown when he chose to protect a ship of fishermen who were illegally poaching during the mission against the Silver Gospel.

Ichika can be extremely clueless when it comes to the feelings the girls have for him, as more often than not, he is more worried of the fact that being the only male who can pilot an IS, he does not know the requirements of controlling it, and the fact he has to live among a very large group of girls (he even told Charles that he was very glad that another male transferred in). He believes that there is absolutely no chance for him to get a girlfriend, as he told Chifuyu that he would not be able to match any of the girls' perfect sides (not knowing that he is the type of guy all the girls want). However, in the light novels especially, there are hints that Ichika's not quite as oblivious as he lets on, with Charlotte even suspecting that he's doing it purpose.

Ichika is a person who doesn't seem to be able to facilitate implication in daily life. When it comes to things like holding hands or old promises, for example, Ichika tends to misinterpret or is even completely unaware of the implications of his actions and their respective circumstances, such as turning what one of the girls hopes to be a date into a group activity. This quirk often earns him stress on both the mental and physical level from the girls around him. He is the type who learns with his body rather than his head, as more often than not, he tends to surprise his fellow classmates with questions on matters they take for granted (like when he first met Cecilia, his first question was "What is a Representative Candidate?", causing the other students to do a comical collapse). After sometime, he is able to understand basic fundamentals of IS to help him get by (he is aware, for instance, that his IS has no available bus-slots for an Equalizer).

Ichika has shown to be a very passionate person willing to accept any kind of circumstance for something he has done as long as it was something he either believes in or wants to do. He is willing to help companions or, in general, others as long as it is something he is willing to do. His emotions can get the best of him, and this has happened on several occasions. He was even like this in his childhood. However, his blockheadedness and reckless behavior are flaws that come with his saving grace. That quality is his overpowering will, confidence and passion. He may not be too smart, but he can do what he has to do when he wants.


Ichika Orimura is the younger brother of Chifuyu Orimura, a prodegy IS operator. Chifuyu raised her brother after their parents abandon them. Ichikia was kidnapped by the IS pirate force Phantom Task while Chifuyu was in the midst of the prestigious Mondo Grosso tournament. Chifuyu had to forfeit her place to save her brother. Ever since the ordeal Ichika has seen himself as weak and a burden to his older sister. Ichika is the only known male who can operate the IS system and in order to prove himself and make up to Chifuyu for his folding her back, Ichika has enrolled at the Infinte Stratos academy to become a professional.

Because of the interface limitation Ichika is naturally the only male student. He tends to be awkward and seemingly oblivious around girls. He is tolerated by the teachers because of his bizarre ability to use IS, but his station as the sole male causes him a variety of social and romantic complications from his fellow students.

Infinite Stratos & Abilities

Currently he is the only male in the entire world who is able to operate an IS. Why that is, nobody knows. Even Tabane, the genius who created IS, is also pleasantly surprised as to why he can activate the Byakushiki, since, by right, a male should have zero relation to IS. Due to this, the government is willing to give him his own personal IS, so as to gather data on him.

As stated by his sister in the novel & episode 2, his IS seems to be more offensive in tactics than most, given that he could use the Barrier Void attack that helped his sister win the first Mondo Grosso. But because of this, he is forced to limit his power during class tournaments and practice, due to the amount of damage that could be inflicted on his opponent (He can potentially injure/kill the opponent).

Byakushiki (白式?, lit. Type "White") is a 3.5 - 4th Generation Close Range Combat Type developed by Kuromochi Machinery Development and is used by Ichika Orimura. It contains the very first IS core ever made, Core Number 001. Its basic armaments are.

1. The Yukihira Type 2

2. Fold-Out Armor

Byakushik's special abilities

1. Ignition Boost

2. Reiraku Byakuya

3. Barrier Void Attack

2nd Shift, Armaments and Abilities

Ichika's Byakushiki under goes a transformation where it's armor changes and becomes much more powerful. Bayushiki's 2nd shift form is called Bayushiki Setsura, Its armaments are,

  1. A large caliber charged particle cannon
  2. An energy claw for CQC
  3. An energy shield with One Off attribute

Overall Franchise Role

Despite being the male protagonist and displaying genuine kindness to his family, friends, and a lot of people, Ichika Orimura is constantly mistreated cruelly by his (predominantly) possessive, mean-spirited, selfish, jealous, irresponsible, inconsiderate, ungrateful, hypocritical, unjustified, short-tempered, mentally-ill, violent, sociopathic companions (Houki Shinonono, Cecilia Alcott, Lingyin Huang, Charlotte Dunois, and Laura Bodewig) to the point of being portrayed as the scapegoat/black-sheep/punching-bag of Infinite Stratos. Although the girls aren't completely evil and their reasons are regarding to his unbelievable denseness plus below-average intelligence, they can still be very unlikable due to Ichika being unfairly treated like a doormat/lightening-rod/victim from little to no reasons (especially certain times when it is not his fault or he's completely innocent).

Whenever the girls hang out with each other (whether Ichika is there or not) and there isn't anything regarding romance involved, they all treat each other as equals like one big family by satisfying all the basic conceptions of bonding, ethnics, friendship, and more. However, they'll immediately throw away those appealing concepts by once again seeing each other as enemies the moment any kind of objectives related to "winning" Ichika's heart is present. Spectators to this melancholy relationship are justified by describing it as incompetent, infuriating, unacceptable, sad, depressing, vulgar, toxic, pathetic, and much more.

Some (if not all) of their assaults toward him include the potentials of Ichika actually receiving a severe injury that could remain permanent or being brutally killed (something that the girls continuously fail to realize nor ever learn). Additionally even though Ichika is admired by many (from people at the IS Academy to the general public worldwide) and guys would generally call Ichika's position as "paradise", it should be noted that at this point anyone in Ichika's shoes would retaliate against the girls in anyway possible, remember all the horrible stuff (including pursued assassinations) they've pulled on the character, constantly question themselves if those girls are truly the person's friends, and develop PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) over time.

In the anime series, the worst of them all was throughout Season 2 Episode 8 when Ichika was pleaded by Tatenashi Sarashiki to pair up with Kanzashi Sarashiki. Upon learning about this, the 5 female protagonists immediately started to behave towards Ichika as their worst enemy to the point of acting like there was never a friendship between them to begin with. Being the dense person he is, Ichika is unaware of the main reasons regarding the girl's hostile treatment towards him recently. It's unknown if they had ever apologized to Ichika for this, but because of everything they have done before, it can be greatly assumed that they never did and just moved on like they're completely justified (which they really aren't).

Because of these, the female protagonists had received a lot of controversies by fans for their poor friendships, ruthless nature, character derailment, and neglected persona developments. In addition, the dramatic decline in the comprehensive ratings of both seasons is also due to the series focusing too much on harem conflicts, cosntantly displaying Ichika's irritable denseness, and having so much unused potentials that could've been explored more such as matriarchy, designation of workers by collar color, and rising social/political movements for gender equality. Through those perceptions, it can be theorized that Ichika's incessant abusement portrays how males are generally treated in school, public, and work (discrimination, segregation, ignorance, hate-crime, violation of human rights , etc.) nowadays as a result of the Infinite Stratos, which (realistically) should've triggered a series of widespread controversies/protests/riots. This overall concept of a global dystopia is presented and elaborated in the fan-fiction Perseus by MAC A10N50.

The artworks in the gallery were uploaded by ShegoXP in DeviantArt.

They each received immense praises for depicting the IS Girls' immoral status.

Alongside with reddit posts questioning the numerous attempts of killing Ichika and youtube videos criticizing Season 1 and Season 2 , this had furthermore lead to the creation of various fictitious stories. Houki, Cecilia, Rin, Charlotte, Laura, Tatenashi and Kanzashi all serve as the main antagonists while Chifuyu serve as the secondary antagonist in all these anecdotes.


  • Singularity (By: MKM2K) - Ichika Orimura. The human black hole for his sheer density. However, everything has there limits. Ichika has reached it. Tired of the antics of his classmates. He struggles on what to do. Will he rise and stand up for himself? Or will he collapse under the pressure? Minor Love Hina crossover
    • NOTE: Kanzashi Sarashiki is absent in this fanfiction.
    • NOTE 2: Out of all the girls, it shouldn't be a surprise that Lingyin Huang (Rin) was the most villainous antagonist on account that she has the worst personality.
  • The Final Straw (By: dardanellia) - Ichika gets almost killed by jealous Rin. After this, Ichika decides that it's finally time for him to leave the IS Academy for good. However, two girls accompany him on this new journey.
    • NOTE: This fanficiton serves as a "what-if scenario" regarding what will happen had Laura Bodewig failed to protect Ichika from Lingyin Huang's (Rin's) deadly attack from Season 1, Episode 8.
  • IS and Sekirei: Brave New World Second Season (By: Kerlongsj Evert Orlejov) - Request fic. Minato believed that when the Sekirei plan came to an end, his troubles would be over and his life could finally begin. Turns out, the world moves on, boy. Best you do too. His past, among others, is catching up to him and he has to look out for an old friend. Ichika Orimura didn't ask to be sent into an insane school and his single lifeline is an old friend. A Sekirei Crossover.
    • NOTE: Ichika serves as a deuteragonist in this one.
  • Star Wars: The Jedi Stratos (By: HootersBoy123) - Caleo is one of Luke students during the reign of a New Jedi Order. Taking place in the year 12 ABY, Luke Skywalker sends Jedi Knight Caleo Trinjim to find new people who can use and have connection to the Force. He arrives in an undiscovered planet called Earth where he finds that majority of the people he will met are complete absence of the force, but one boy isn't. A Star Wars Crossover.
  • List of Oneshots: Chapter 25 (By: yugiohfan163) - What if Ichika snapped after the girls kept going with their actions?
    • NOTE: Tatenashi Sarashiki and Kanzashi Sarashiki are both absent in this fanfiction.


  • Ichika Snaps (By: Creeperleap) - After much abuse and no comfort, Ichika finally snaps and the Byakushiki tries to find him a new home. Can Chifuyu and the girls fix the broken and link?
  • Ichika Snaps 2# (By: Creeperleap) - After much abuse and no comfort, Ichika finally snaps and tries to flee the academy. Can Chifuyu and the girls fix the broken and link? There will be two scenarios, one where the girls can subdue him in his attempt to leave, and another where he gets away and an old friend tries to fix the damage.
  • Suffering (A Infinite Stratos/Persona fanfic) (By: TheFoolAngel) - What happens when Ichika Orimura can't handle the constant teasing and hitting from any females? He never did anything wrong...so why?   After all this time, from him connecting to an IS, he had enough. Enough is enough. he won't be tied down to anyone including his older sister.   The only thing he experienced at IS Academy was suffering.   "So long, IS Academy. I am no longer tied down to this forbidden school. I'll find my own path."  I don't own anything except the story line!!!  [Will be a full story in the near future].
  • Infinite Stratos: Spiral to Nowhere (By: BizarreFishface1959) - Ichika Orimura, after holding in the various accounts of assault done by his harem, decides to run away. In his journey, he encounters various people. Some may help him, some may not. What bizarre situations will he get himself into? What bizarre phenomenons will happen?

Overall, they are all about Ichika (in a more realistic scenario) finally standing up to the girls, including his own sister (who also has a couple of flaws regarding Ichika's abusement), and permanently changing his relationship with all of them.

Reasons by Characteristics/Personalities/Actions/Quotes
Explosive Personality Destructive Behavior Verbal Abuse
Frequent Disparage Harsh Criticisms Selfish Romance
Unapologetic Actions Psychopathic Antics Physical Violence

Regardless, Charlotte Dunois received the most praise by everyone for having a personality that doesn't involve being 'Tsundere', being the most tolerable out of all the girls, and prioritizing in making Ichika happy. In fact most noticeably during the Cinderella play (Season 2 Episode 3), Charlotte decided to protect Ichika from the other crazy girls (Houki, Cecilia, Rin, Laura, and IS Students participating) instead of immediately attacking him (despite the fact that she's after the crown too). While it should still be acknowledged that Charlotte does act irrational and resentful (like the other girls) towards Ichika sometimes, many fans legitimately speculate that she'll end up winning his affection.


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