Ichiro Inuyashiki (犬屋敷 壱郎, Inuyashiki Ichiro) is the main protagonist of the series Inuyashiki. He is a middle-aged salaryman whose body was rebuilt as an android after he was killed by the UFO, along with Hiro Shishigami. Ichiro lives with his Inuyashiki family.

Ichiro was voiced by Fumiyo Kohinata in the anime TV series and portrayed by Noritake Kinashi in the live-action movie.


Ichiro Inuyashiki is a 58-year-old family man who is going through a difficult time in his life. Though his frequent back problems are painful, nothing hurts quite as much as the indifference and distaste that his wife and children have for him. Despite this, Ichiro still manages to find solace in Hanako, an abandoned Shiba Inu that he adopts into his home. However, his life takes a turn for the worse when a follow-up physical examination reveals that Ichiro has stomach cancer and only three months to live; though he tries to be strong, his family's disinterest causes an emotional breakdown. Running off into a nearby field, Ichiro embraces his dog and weeps—until he notices a strange figure standing before him.

One evening, he, along with Hiro Shishigami, was hit by a mysterious explosion of extraterrestrial origin, that accidentally killed them, so, the aliens use weapons to create androids with their memories to replace the human beings.

After receiving the new powers, Ichiro was freaked out when he demonstrated them and was surprised that he was not human anymore.

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