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Ignaceous is a Stone Creature from Ledgerdomain and unlike Charmcaster's Stone Creatures, he has free will along with the ability to speak.



Ignaceous was once a scribe and later on, a freedom fighter that fought against Adwaita. However, with the tyrants' subsequent downfall at the end of Where the Magic Happens, he went into self-imposed exile when the people began to vie for control of Ledgerdomain for themselves.

Ultimate Alien

In Enemy of My Frenemy, Ignaceous aided Ben's Team when they ventured into Ledgerdomain with the intent of finding and saving Charmcaster, coming across and also helping a confined Adwaita along the way who eventually escapes. As the new holder of the Alpha Rune, Charmcaster draws Ignaceous' soul (among many others in the dimension, including those of Ben, Gwen, and Kevin) to use as a sacrifice to have her father Spellbinder revived, but after he refuses the offer to be alive while so many others are dead, Ignaceous' as well as all the others' souls are relinquished and are brought back to life.

Powers and Abilities

Ignaceous has magical powers, however unlike most characters who use mana in pink colored, his mana is white colored.

He can heal his body of even severe wounds at a fast rate.

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