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Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope
~ Ignitus

Ignitus is the tritagonist in the The Legend of Spyro trilogy, he is a fire elder dragon who saved Spyro from being killed by the ape army that serves the dark master Malefor, and goes into hiding so that none of them would find him. When Spyro grows up he meets Ignitus where the elder teaches him how to master fire breath, and helps guide him on his destiny as a purple dragon to end Malefors reign.

He is voice by Gary Oldman who played Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series, and James Gordon in The Dark Knight Trilogy.


Ignitus is a orange/reddish dragon with multiple scales and blonde yellow on the chest, wings and horns.


Ignitus is a wise dragon who is encouraging of others to find their gifts inside them to pursue in their dreams to accomplish heroic deeds against evil. How he sees light always having a chance is prevailing over the darkness no matter how bad things get, showing there hope will not be destroyed by despair. He bares great knowledge in martial arts, knowing tricks and maneuverers on how to attack and defend with his head, wings, legs and tail and knows unique methods on how breath fire that isn't rather typical.


Before Spyro was born, Ignitus was a skilled dragon who alongside many other dragons was at war against Malefor and his dark army, and although Malefor was taken down during the war, it took a toll on the dragon species, making them almost extinct. the ape king Gaul was seeking out to make sure no dragon especially a dragon that is purple who would be hatched, so that no Malefor would not be challenged, fortunately Ignitus saved the purple dragon egg from their hands and found the dragon who's name was Spyro and taught him how to master the art of firebreath and informed him on who he is. Ignitus then offered Spyro a trial tasked to save the three other elemental dragons in learning their ways of electricity, ice and earth breath who were captured by the dragoness Cynder. However as Spyro was saving the last the dragon Terrador from his enslavement, Cynder arrives and attacks Spyro which leaves Ignitus to save him from certain doom.

This gets Ignitus to be captured and like the other dragons who had their energy drained, was happening to him as well which offers enough energy to free the essence of Malefor. Once Ignitus is saved from Spyro, he informs the purple dragon that Cynder was corrupted by the Dark Masters taint, and as Spyro cleanses Cynder from the dark taint, Ignitus welcomes Cynder home and states that dark times are coming and they need to prepare for the troubles that is ahead. Soon after that, a squad of apes attacks the dragons home and after the dragons kill them off, Ignitus tells Spyro about a dream he sees and states that he needs to go see the Chronicler, a wise elder dragon to inform him on what this is all about. Afterwards Ignitus sends out Hunter to go out and rescue Spyro, Cynder and Sparx and goes to Warfang on the final war against Malefor.

After fighting many battles against Malefors army, Ignitus sees Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx again and helps them fight dangerous creatures of the earth, being the Earth Golem, and the Destroyer. While the defeat of the Earth Golem was successful, it's stronger counterpart was much more difficult to beat, even when they did take it down, Malefor possessed it back in action, and the only way for them to stop from that point was cross the Belt of Fire. This lead to Ignitus to make a sacrificial decision in shielding Spyro and Cynder enough to cross the fire but at the expense of his life, leaving them to make sure his death was not in vein. As Spyro and Cynder defeat Malefor, the Earth Golem has already succeeded in arriving to Earths destructive destination, and the spirit of Ignitus is seen to guide Spyro once more in informing that should be no fear of death, which further encourages Spyro to save the world by repairing it's pieces together. In the post credits of Dawn of the dragon, Ignitus is seen to become the next Chroniclers who searches in the sacred book to find Spyro and Cynders whereabouts.


  • He was originally supposed to be voiced by Jeremy Irons who voiced Scar from The Lion King

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