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Igor is the deuteragonist of Count Duckula.


Igor, the Count's butler, is a traditional horror servant based on the stock character Igor, and adds a decidedly dark streak to some of the show's humour. He greatly dislikes his master's behaviour, and often encourages him to act in a far more ghastly manner. Although he will generally obey Duckula's specific orders (thwarting Duckula's attempt to stop the first Duckula becoming a vampire only because he was not explicitly ordered not to), he remains convinced that, if he could only talk Duckula into biting, maiming, torturing and otherwise brutalising people, he would return to the "good old days" of the previous counts who behaved more like evil vampires.

Igor hates words such as "bless you," "nice," "good," and "lovely". Such words make him cringe, since he prefers the darker and more sinister side of life. In the episode "Hardluck Hotel," Igor goes on holiday to a rundown and dismal hotel, where he sits in complete darkness, enjoying the sounds of the damp creeping up the walls.

He is a hunched, balding vulture with a deep, slow voice. He has 13 siblings (announced in the episode "Town Hall Terrors"). His age is uncertain. However, in the episode "Arctic Circles," he states that he has served for "seven-and-a-half centuries". If this is approximate of the 17 incarnations of Duckula, his age is probably 800+ years old, and he may have started his service to the Duckula family around the time of Count Duckula the 1st, or shortly afterwards. The episode "The Rest is History" almost exactly ascertains this, which is further confirmed by the episode "One Stormy Night," in which a stone statue of Count Duckula the 4th is animated during a thunderstorm and does not seem to recognise Igor, yet presumes he is a servant. As Count Duckula can only be brought back to life "once a century," and Igor has performed this task many times during his service, he likely has had a very long lifespan.

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