I'm Ikazuchi! Not 'Kaminari'! Please take care of that part too, okay!
~ Ikazuchi

Ikazuchi (雷 "Thunder"?) was the twenty-third Fubuki-class destroyer, or the third Akatsuki-class destroyer (if that sub-class is regarded as a separate class), built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the inter-war period. When introduced into service, these ships were the most powerful destroyers in the world. They remained formidable weapons systems well into the Pacific War. Ikazuchi, built at the Uraga Dock Company was the third of the “Type III” improved series of Fubuki destroyers, incorporating a modified gun turret which could elevate her main battery of Type 3 127 mm 50 caliber naval guns to 75° as opposed to the original 40°, thus permitting the guns to be used as dual purpose guns against aircraft. Ikazuchi was laid down on March 7, 1930, launched on October 22, 1931 and commissioned on August 15, 1932.


The Akatsuki-class wears a white and dark blue serafuku with a "III" somewhere on themselves as well as some form of black legwear.

Ikazuchi herself has short brown hair and pantyhose. The "III" is on the right side of her collar.


She'a an excited girl, she is sometimes shown with her sister ship Inazuma. She is also often depicted as very doting to the admiral.


  • On March 2, 1942, Ikazuchi rescued 442 survivors from the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Encounter (H10) and United States Navy destroyer USS Pope (DD-225). This humanitarian decision by Lieutenant Commander Shunsaku Kudō placed Ikazuchi at risk of submarine attack, and interfered with her fighting ability due to the sheer numbers of rescued sailors.
  • Sunk in action April 13, 1944 south of Guam (10°13′N 143°51′E). There were no survivors. She is near to the Mariana's Trench, so her deep is between 5–3 km below the surface.
  • Her name means "thunder". Ikazuchi is a more poetic or archaic pronunciation of the character "雷", which is usually pronounced "kaminari", thus her intro quote.
  • Despite not being the lead ship of her class, she was launched and commissioned before any of her sisters. By which may be the historical link to her leadership personality.


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