"Crimson lightning. Horned Ninja, KabutoRaiger!"

Ikkou Kasumi (霞 一甲, Kasumi Ikkō) is Horned Ninja KabutoRaiger (角忍カブトライジャー, Tsunonin Kabutoraijā) of the Gouraigers, and later the Hurricanegers. The older Kasumi brother, his original goal was to raise Ikazuchi as the greatest Ninja school using the Evil Will.



Learning of the method his father intended, Ikkou ingested the Girigiri gas to go insane so Isshuu Kasumi could kill him, but Ikkou eventually regains his sanity and refuses to obtain the Evil Will like that.

After joining forces with the Hurricangers and getting a job as a construction worker with Isshu, Ikkou decided to abandon his previous dream and decided the Gouraigers new mission is to support the Hurricanger from the darkness.


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