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Ilona was one of a kind. Ex-Spetsnaz, now working for Atlas. She could be your best friend...or your worst nightmare...but you never knew which.
~ Mitchell on Ilona.

Ilona is the tritagonist in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. She is of Russian descent, an agent of Atlas Corporation turned defector, and is the love interest of Jack Mitchell.

She is voiced and modeled by Angela Gots.


Ilona is a Russian woman who has brown hair up in a ponytail, as well as having brown eyes.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Ilona is a Russian ex-Spetsnaz sniper who joined Atlas Corporation, and would practice her skills to perfection. Iloan would interrogate Dr. Dainos on giving Hades' location, and did so through manipulation. After assassinating Hades, she, along with Mitchell to go to Sentinel Task Force after Hades gave her a videotape of Jonathan Irons - revealing his deep, dark secret. Irons has Ilona and Mitchell held at gunpoint, but leaves the room to let Atlas soldiers kill them, but are helped to escape by "X".

After escaping capture, she and Mitchell spend the game eluding Irons and his men, until meeting up with Cormack and his squad (along with Gideon after staying to get more information). Despite taking the fight against Atlas, she and the others were eventually captured and were pretty damaged in the Atlas prison camp, alongside Gideon, Jack Mitchell, and Cormack, she helped Cormack out of there while Gideon and Jack Mitchell fought their way out.

While Mitchell and Gideon drove a truck out of the prison camp, Ilona comforted Cormack while in the back of it. Ilona, Mitchell, and Gideon had then swore to kill Jonathan Irons as Cormack was dead due to Jonathan Irons shooting him in the knee. After Cormack's death, she and the others still proceeded to confront Irons for the final time. While Mitchell and Gideon fought Atlas soldiers and destroyed Manticore rockets while donning Goliath suits, Ilona was off-field.



  • When Jack Mitchell first described Ilona, he said that he couldn't decipher whether she was his best friend or worst enemy, yet when they got to know each other, their relationship was better.
  • She is 5'7 and weighs 120 lbs.
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