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Impactor is a supporting character originating in the Transformers comics published by Marvel UK.

He was created by Simon Furman and Jeff Anderson.


Debuting in "Target: 2006", Impactor was the leader of the Autobot unit known as the Wreckers on Cybertron. He was close friends with Emirate Xaaron, leader of the Autobot resistance. Together, they conceived Operation Volcano, a plan to lure nine of the deadliest Decepticons into an ambush by leaking false information of a gathering of Autobot cell leaders. Impactor and the Wreckers were to be given the role of taking care of the targets, with Ultra Magnus on hand to take care of any reinforcements.

However, shortly before the operation was due to commence, Ultra Magnus was sent to Earth to investigate the disappearance of Optimus Prime. Impactor wanted to call the plan off but Xaaron successfully manipulated him into agreeing to continue, pointing out Magnus could return, and Impactor found the other Wreckers in agreement. To make up for the shortfall, Xaaron had Springer, Sandstorm and Broadside added to the Wreckers, with them proving their worth by attacking Impactor disguised as Decepticons. However, the operation failed when the Decepticons were recalled by Megatron before the trap could be sprung, since he needed reinforcements on Earth. The Autobots did not realise that one of the Decepticons, Macabre, had continued anyway until he took a shot at Xaaron. Impactor leapt in the way, taking the blast, moments before the other Wreckers killed Macabre. The dying Impactor named Springer as the Wreckers' new leader.

Despite his demise, Impactor reappeared in "Legion of the Lost" as one of the dead Transformers reactivated as zombies by the insane Autobot scientist Flame. He initially served Flame in capturing his old comrades, Xaaron and the Wreckers, but a fight with Springer caused his original personality to resurface. As Flame activated his fusion engines, ignoring warnings that they would destroy Cybertron, Impactor arrived and killed Flame as he was about to kill Emirate Xaaron. Impactor then sacrificed himself to shut down the engines, being destroyed by their radiation.


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