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Imu (忌夢) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

A third-year at Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy and Miyabi's best friend. She was hospitalized for one year following the same event that afflicted Miyabi, after which she retired from shinobi life to support her best friend's recovery.

Since everything she does is for Miyabi, she's working together with her to reconstruct the Hebijo facility. In combat, she can manipulate the length and thickness of the pole she uses as a weapon.

Imu is a somewhat short girl with dark green eyes and light brown hair, with two bun-things on the sides. She has the standard complexion of the series.

She wears a outfit with a somewhat military style: Medium green boots with a black cross pattern, stockings going to slightly above her knees, a plated white skirt with a red line on the down part of the body. On the upper part she wears a green coat with black lines and crosses, black collar and shoulder pads. She wears a green beret and glasses.

Imu is a somewhat naïve but nice girl, and a bit of an "otaku", as she is the first of the two to enounce typical anime "values". She only yearns to be with Miyabi and to do activities with Miyabi, to the point of joining her when she goes to hunt a Yōma, or to win the Shinobi Exam to enter the Hebijo Elites' group. She is to the point of sacrificing herself for Miyabi, as a meat shield.

She is a bit "annoying" to Murasaki, her younger sister, by trying to make her get out from her chamber. That doesn't mean she doesn't care for her.

But she is also as determined if not a bit more than Miyabi to destroy Yōmas: In EV, while Miyabi's bravery was perturbated, broken by the eventuality of seeing her mom again and her defeats, Imu took the Shinobi Bon Dance seriously when Sayuri announced that it will open the road to the title of Kagura. She was even frustrated by the lack of energy and motivation of the team.