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Imu (忌夢) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.


Imu is a third-year student at Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy and Miyabi's closest friend, the two of them having known one another since they were kids. She was hospitalized for a year following an event revolving around Miyabi which Imu herself has no memory of, an event that caused Miyabi herself to give up her shinobi life in favor of supporting her best friend's recovery.

Imu acts almost entirely for Miyabi, almost every one of her actions being with Miyabi in mind. They eventually ended up working together in order to rebuild the Hebijo facility by scratch. When fighting, she manipulates the length and thickness of her pole that serves as her weapon.


Imu is a rather short fair-skinned girl with dark green eyes and light brown hair styled in a pair of buns.

Her outfit appears to have a somewhat military-like style: consisting of a pair of medium green boots with black cross patterns, knee-high stockings, and a plated white skirt accompanied by a red line. Her coat is patterned with black lines and crosses, and has a black collar and matching shoulder pads. She also wears a green baret and glasses.


Imu is a somewhat naïve but still caring young girl. She appears to be a bit of an "otaku" as shown when she's the first of her teammates to enounce typical anime "values". Being Miyabi's best friend, she's firecly loyal towards her and even insists on joining her whenever she goes to hunt a Yōma and tried to win the Shinobi Exam in order to be accapted into the Hebijo Elites' group. She evn at one point tries to sacrifice her own life for Miyabi's by shielding the latter with her own body.

Murasaki, her younger sister, personally believes her to be rather annoying at times, mainly when she tries to get her out from her personal chamber. However, the sisters still love and care for one another deeply.

Imu takes her role as a Shinobi very seriously. For example, when Miyabi was briefly taken aback by the eventuality of seeing her mother again and her defeats, Imu still continued to focus on the Shinobi Bon Dance after Sayuri made the announcement that it would open up the road the possibility of shinobi gaining the title of Kagura. She later expressed frustration by the severe lack of energy and motivation of the rest of her teammates.


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