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G1Inferno MTMTE
Inferno is a fearless Autobot who has a fire truck as his vehicle form. Inferno enjoys receiving attention when saving lives and extinguishing fires however is easily distracted, getting involved in combat preferring the heat of battle to the heat of a burning building which was caused by any human disasters or a Decepticon invasion.


Inferno made his debut in the episode "Dinobot Island, Part 2", alongside his friend, the fellow Autobot Red Alert, with no explanation or origin. He was featured prominently in the episode "Auto-Beserk", also alongside Red Alert. In the episode "Prime Target", Inferno was captured by big game hunter Lord Cholmondeley, along with many other Autobots in an attempt to lure Optimus Prime into a trap. Inferno is part of a team of three led by Ironhide to track down Optimus Prime on Cybertron in "The Search for Alpha Trion", and meets his old flame Firestar. Inferno was also one of four Autobots not to get his circuits scrambled by Kremzeek. Walker Edmiston is the voice actor for Inferno. Like his fellow Autobot Ironhide, Inferno speaks with a thick southern US accent.

Transformers IDW

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Unicron Trilogy

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