The grand flower that blossoms throughout the universe! Infinite power... Infinite love... the starry-eyed Cure Pretty Cure... Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Infinity Silhouette!
~ Infinity Silhouette

Infinity Silhouette is the fusion and final upgrade that all the Cures unlock in Heartcatch Pretty Cure! by combining their hearts and powers as one while defeating Dune.


When everyone lends their power to the Heartcatch Mirage, the Pretty Cures undergo a transformation called Infinity Silhouette. A giant seed or egg-like shell forms around all the Cures and then it cracks. They become a giant woman, much like in the Heartcatch Orchestra, with long light-pink hair in two pigtails. When the giant Pretty Cure opens her eyes, you can see the many stars of the universe shining within. The Infinity Silhouette gets a cape very similar to the one they get with the help of their mascots. Instead of a heart pin, surrounding the pin are petals from cherry blossoms, the same as Cure Blossom's theme flower. She wears a flowing white dress with cherry blossom accessories in her hair, and has an invisible shield which can block any attack. This form lets her use her signature move, much like in the Heartcatch Orchestra, Pretty Cure! Straight Punch.


In space, the four Pretty Cures fuse together into Infinte Silhouette to vanish Dune's hatred and give him love. Dune tries to attack her, but he cannot reach this new Pretty Cure. Then, she strikes back with her Straight Punch, hitting Dune's chest end purifying his heart. After, Dune vanishes and Infinity Silhouette sheds tears for him.

After she splitted into the four original girls, Tsubomi Hanasaki dreams to go to space again and dreams to become an astronaut, due to her experience as Infinity Silhouette.


  • She looks nearly identical to Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom and shares the same voice actress with her. In fact, Cure Blossom is a part of her.
  • She is the largest Pretty Cure in history.
  • She is the only fusion of several Pretty Cures.
  • She is probably the strongest Pretty Cure yet, since none of the Pretty Cures could block the attacks from their respective final boss without the slightest effort.
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