~ Inspector Gadget's catchphrase.
"Go Go Gadget (blank)!)
~ Gadget activating his devices
Claw! Come out with your hand and your claw up!
~ Gadget facing Dr. Claw

Inspector Gadget is the titular main protagonist of the cartoon series and movies of the same name.

An advanced android equipped with many gadgets (from where his name is derived), he protects the world from the villainous Doctor Claw and his MAD henchmen and is a mix of bumbling super-spy Maxwell Smart (who is coincidently portrayed by his deceased voice actor Don Adams) and dim-witted detective, Inspector Clouseau.


In the cartoon, he was voiced by the late Don Adams. In the 1999 live action film, he is portrayed by Matthew Broderick and in the 2003 sequel, he is portrayed by French Stewart.


Gadget has straight black hair and he has brown eyes.

He wears a gray trench coat with a dark grey fedora, white shirt, blue tie and pants, and dark brown gloves and wears gray shoes.

In the live action films, he wears a brown fedora, light tan trench coat, white shirt, black tie and pants and black shoes and wears no gloves. He also has a Riverton Police Department badge on his belt.

In Gadgets and the Gadgetinis, He wear the same clothes in the cartoon, but he wears a black trench coat instead of grey, He also wears yellow gloves and his fedora is light gray instead of dark gray, but also retains his blue tie and pants and wears dark gray shoes.

In the 2015 cartoon, Gadget has the same appearance from the original cartoon.

Powers and Abilities

Inspector Gadget is equipped with many various gadgets in his body.

  • Gadget Binoculars:
  • Gadget 'Brella:
  • Gadget Coat/Gadget Airbag:


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