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The Insurgency is a resistance founded and led by Batman and the main protagonistic faction of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and its sequel Injustice 2.


After the accidental death of Nightwing at the hands of Damian Wayne, Batman and Catwoman are approached by the President of the United States to recruit heroes who have not joined Superman to fight against the Man of Steel's growing influence. Batman agrees and he and Catwoman recruit Black Canary, Black Lightning, Captain Atom, Huntress, Batwoman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman to their cause with the Martian Manhunter working as Batman's secret ally.

Superman and his government soon forced many superheroes to join as well as executed almost all villains on the planet and heroes who didn't believe in his cause. Batman's Insurgency and the Joker Clan was the only resistance left. At some point, Lex Luthor became disillusioned by Superman's brutality and control over the world and began secretly aiding Batman and the Insurgency against him.

Creating a device that can draw parallel versions of them from another, similar Earth, Batman brought heroic duplicates of the 7 Justice League heroes of Earth Prime (Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and particularly Superman), as well as the defect Flash after the death of Lex Luthor and Shazam in front of his eyes, the Regime has been defeated after their leader is defeated by his still-heroic counterpart of Earth Prime, ending his reign.

With Superman defeated and his Regime dismantled, the Insurgency was disbanded as well, but not before the heroic alternates aided the world in recovering and captured all of Superman's cohorts.

many years later, in the same time Braniac about to invade Earth during Injustice 2 event, both The Flash and Hal Jordan (returning as a Green Lantern again) after being pardoned from their prisons, atone their sins as The Flash helping Batman's Insurgency on restoring Earth in which the Regime left behind and Hal faced through difficulties of the Guardians’ rehabilitation program and would later joins Batman's Insurgency.

Notable Members


  • Batman (Founder)
  • Catwoman (Co-Founder; blackmailed to defect from the Insurgency, later captured then released to return as Insurgent’s mole in Gorilla Grodd's Society)


Former Members



  • One Earth Regime
  • Sinestro Corps
  • Joker (Main Universe)
  • The Society
  • Brainiac
  • Darkseid
  • General Zod
  • League of Assassins


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