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The Insurgent Generals are a rebel team against Lord Hater. They meet Wander and Sylvia, who ask to join them in order to find the objective of their current mission: HT-125-F, developed by a Watchdog Scientist for Hater Empire. During the events it was suppossed the HT-125-F was a weapon of massive destruction but, at the end, it resulted it just was a thermoregulatory for Hater's jacuzzi. The Insurgent Generals only was trying to prevent Hater maintained his jacuzzi in his desired temperature.


Original Four

General Outrage

S1e20a General Outrage's description


General Outrage has a loud and brash personality, and he isn't quick to trust strangers, as shown with his interaction with Wander. He stands at a tall height with yellow skin and dark red facial hair, with one of his arms bandaged close to the hand. He wears a black shirt with a olive green jacket.


S1e20a Brainz's introduction
S1e20a Brainz's description


Brainz is the Insurgent Generals's scientist and the most intelligent of the group. He's in charge of performing calculations and process missions.He's a alien humanoid with pink skin and four arms and also wears sun glasses.

Wild Card

S1e20a Wild Card's description


As his description states, Wildcard is an unpredictable individual. However, he also has shown an extremely loud side, usually when things go wrong, and also tends to overreact. Wildcard has a round head with olive green skin, with a strange dark green/teal appendix around it with three pink things on it. He wears a lab coat with black pants and shoes.


S1e20a Clipper's description


Clipper has a quick and efficient thinking way, and is rather careful when doing his job, since he cuts wires of anything. Clipper has feline features and his fur is of a red color. He wears a white shirt, black finger-less gloves, blue pants and red boots.



Sylvia in Wjare over otjnger
S1e20a Sylvia's description


Sylvia wanted to join the Insurgent Generals in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a tough action heroine like them. But, after she saw how dimwits they was when she knew they only was trying to prevent Hater maintained his jacuzzi in his desired temperature, she discovered his team was already great and stayed with Wander.


Wander over ginger


Wander's mission was to guard the door so no one entered. But this is proven hard when a lot of people helpful has to enter (specifically, a locksmith, a plumber, a pizza maker and a team of plasma leakage). Finally, all that people finished their important works and went out.

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