She's a galaxy girl!
~ Interplanet Janet's description in her song
There's never been a planet Janet hasn't seen
~ Interplanet Janet's song
Interplanet Janet is a character in Schoolhouse Rock. She appears in the music video of the same name to teach the Solar System. She's also the host of two Schoolhouse Rock CD-Roms.


Interplanet Janet has a human head, arms. She has puffy purple hair (to which she can manipulate to grow and shriek). Despite appearing partially human, she is actually a cyborg, being that she has a rocket for her body, and a thruster in place for her feet.


In her video, Interplanet Janet teaches viewers about the wonders of the system, including the Sun and the eight (nine at the time of the video) planets.

The video describes Janet as being an explorer of the cosmos from a future world, who frequently travels with her "Comet League". Each planet she visits "welcomes" her.

Throughout the video, she explores and describes each body of the solar system (except for the asteroid belt). For example, she refers to the Sun as a "star" (both figuratively and literally), she likes Earth because it harbors life, but thinks that humans are "weird", and she finds Saturn's rings to be beautiful.

After visiting each planet (as well as the former planet Pluto), she claims that she is attempting to explore the rest of the solar system, continuing to find other planets within the deep parts of space.

Although she does not speak in the original video, she does speak in the cd-rom games, in which she is voiced by Marci Winters.


  • Some people consider her video to be outdated, mainly due to the fact that the video considers Pluto a planet (at the time the video was created, it was). However in 2006, NASA created a list of three conditions in order for a solar system body to be considered a planet. Pluto violated the third condition, resulting in it being reclassified as a dwarf planet, which in turn made Interplanet Janet's video obsolete.
    • However, if Pluto were cut from the video, it would be up-to-date once more.



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