Inugami is main character of Gugure! Kokkuri-san.

As Male, he is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai and as Female, voiced by Chiwa Saitō.


Inugami has jet black hair swept to the left covering his eye and dons a black suit in both his male and female form. He wears a red armband on his left arm with the kanji "狗" on it. In his spirit form, he takes on the form of a mouse doll, which is said to be popular among young girls, in order to gain more of Kohina's affection. He also carries a pair of guns with him.


He is a masochist, since the thought of Kohina hating or punishing him gets him excited. He has also been shown to be quite a pervert. He dislikes everyone including himself, except Kohina. The person he hates the most is Kokkuri-san, he even has a book filled with reasons why he hates Kokkuri-san. Inugami criticizes everything he does and they often fight with one another over Kohina and her affections. Despite that he does like having quiet time to himself. When he does he makes coffee.


  • His Male Voice Actor, Takahiro Sakurai is best known for voicing as Tentomon & his Digivolution forms from Digimon Adventure series, Ayame Sohma from remake/reboot of Fruits Basket, Jiro Mochizuki from Black Blood Brothers, Dorulumon from Digimon Xros Wars series, Sting Eucliffe from Fairy Tail series, Leon Kuwata from Danganronpa: The Animation, Akane☆Hoshi from Soul Eater NOT!.
  • Her Female Voice Actress, Chiwa Saitō is best known for voicing as Yuki Saegusa from Dance in the Vampire Bund, Aoi Asahina from Danganronpa anime series and Kim Diehl from Soul Eater series.


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