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Invisi-Billy is the son of the Invisible Man and a supporting character of Monster High. He is also the boyfriend of Scarah Screams.


Invisi Billy is voiced by Evan Smith.



Invisi Billy is a trickster who hates going unnoticed.


Billy has an icy blue skin tone bordering on white, gray eyes, and his hair is a dark shade of blue when he is visible. When he is invisible he is completely transparant with little sign of him being there.



Invisi Billy is the son of the Invisible Man. If the "New Ghoul Materializes Just in Time for Día de Los Muertos" article is to be believed, he has siblings.


Invisi Billy used to have a pet dog, but he had to give him away because he couldn't walk the poor thing without people thinking he was a stray. Since then, Invisi Billy has acquired a box, which may or may not contain a cat which on his box is called "a quantum cat".


Invisi Billy is popular with the ladies, who've started calling him "Drop Dead Dreamy"! His own dream-girl is Scarah Screams, whom he hooked up with in "Scarah-Voyant".

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