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I know that, darling. But... But I know a lot of other things now. Things I think I've been trying to put aside, to postpone... Something a lot like growing up, perhaps. The Psycho-Man did more than twist my emotions. He forced me to look into the deepest corners of my soul, forced me to confront who I am, what have I become. When we rocketed into the cosmic ray belt, when we gained our powers, we lost something. An innocence. A child-like naivety. For a long time I've tried to go on as if we're still the same people we used to be, As if I was still the same. But I'm not. Not after all that's happened to us. Not after what the Psycho-Man did to me. There is no Invisible-Girl anymore, Reed. She died when the Psycho-Man twisted her soul. From now on, I am the Invisible Woman!
~ Susan Storm.

Susan Victoria Storm, better known to the public as the Invisible Woman, is the girlfriend and later wife of the autistic Mr. Fantastic as well as the sister of the Human Torch - she is the more down-to-earth of the group and often acts a bit like a mother figure, keeping the others from causing too much trouble with their bickering and also trying to get Reed to stop being quite so "nerdy" and enjoy life a little. She is fiercely protective of her friends and views the Fantastic Four as her family, any villain foolish enough to provoke her quickly learns this fact - and Susan is no push over, being one of the most powerful members of the team.


Sue was originally just Reed's girl. In fact she first fell for him before finishing puberty, and slowly grew into his life. Her initial powers seemed to just be invisibility, but after some much needed growth and practice, that was upgraded into "projecting" that invisibility into force fields.

Sue is fiercely devoted to the family around her, but that often can rub shoulders with Ben on his grumpier days, and she's more often annoyed at her brother Johnny's antics sometimes as well. And don't get her started on the frustrations she can have with her now husband over spending quality time with the family. Despite the rough patches though, Sue will do whatever it takes to ensure the world and her home is kept safe.


Early Life

Susan Victoria Storm was born to Dr. Franklin and May Storm, and older sister to Jonathan Storm. The family lived peacefully on Long Island until May died in an automobile accident, and Franklin was unable to save her. He became dependent on alcohol, and gambled away the families' fortune, forcing his children to live with their aunt, Marygay Jewel Dickins, who ran a boardinghouse. There, Susan would fall in love with Reed Richards, and followed him to California, and tried to break into the show business.

Becoming the Invisible Woman

When Reed decided to launch his prototype ship when the government took away his funding, Susan agreed to join him, Reed's best friend Ben Grimm, and her brother, Johnny, to test it. Reed made a vital mistake, forgetting to place shield against cosmic rays when going into space. The four were hit with cosmic rays, and were able to survive by crashing into a forest. The group learned of their powers from the cosmic rays, with Susan learning she can turn invisible, and they became the Fantastic Four.

Despite becoming heroes, Susan would spend time keeping the team together, as Reed spent much of his time in the lab, Ben moped around due to his rock appearance, and Johnny acted like a young teenager. Though Sue believed her powers were useless against villains such as Doctor Doom, she acted as the voice of reason, and would keep the team from breaking.


As her name implies, the Invisible Woman can turn herself and others invisible at will - she can also form a number of force-fields around herself and others that can be used for defense or as a means of attack, or even both. She is also a fairly experienced hand to hand combatant with such notable mentors as She-Hulk and Iron Fist, and is a capable leader when she has to be.



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