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Susan Storm, better known as the Invisible Woman, is a member of the Fantastic Four and is Johnny Storm's older sister. She is also a supporting character of Season 2 from TV Series "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes".

She is voiced by Erin Torpey.


The Invisible Woman appears in the episode Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "The Private War of Doctor Doom," where she is revealed to be a Skrull impostor. The real Sue later appears in the episode "Prisoners of War" as one of the man humans held captive after being replaced by the Skrulls. She also appears in "Avengers Assemble!", the final episode, as one of the numerous heroes who helps fight off Galactus' invasion of Earth.


Sue can now generate and control a form of energy from hyperspace. She bends light waves away from her which make her invisible. She also wears a special suit which has unstable molecules. This special suit allows her clothes to become invisible with her as well. Soon after, she was able to render other objects invisible. By rendering objects invisible, she uses her imagination rather than visuals.

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