Nothing is more important than being around your loved ones.
~ Ip Man

Ip Man is a martial arts master in the hit films, Ip Man series. Ip Man is based off Yip Man, a master teacher of Wing Chun noted for being the teacher of Bruce Lee.

Foshan in 1930s China is a place renowned for the number of martial arts schools in it, with the exception of the titular hero who wishes not to take in any disciples. When a troupe of upstart Northerners successfully beats up the other masters, though, it falls on Ip Man to defend Foshan's honour.

Fast forward to 1937, when the Japanese invade China. His mansion confiscated by the Japanese, Ip Man is forced to shovel coal to feed his family and learns of matches the Japanese are staging between their karate exponents and Foshan's former martial arts masters. When a friend's failure costs him his life, Ip Man's vengeful demolishing of ten Japanese pugilists draws the attention of the Japanese General Miura, leading via a run-in with bandits threatening a friend's factory to a final confrontation.

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