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Sister Iris, also known as the Eighth Pillar, is a major character in the 2015 Japanese dark fantasy manga series Fire Force and its 2020 anime television series adaptation of the same name.

She is a sister who came from The Holy Sol Temple and a member of the Special Fire Company 8. She is also both the Eighth Pillar and the doppelgänger of Amaterasu.

She is voiced by Mao Ichimichi in the Japanese version, and by Alexis Tipton in the English version.


Iris is a young blonde teen with short cut hair, baby blue eyes, and a nun outfit. She has an ample figure.


Iris is a kind-hearted and positive girl but at times can be a little bit curious and shy at times in some scenarios. She seems to get along well with everyone around Company 8, especially to Shinra. Sometimes she is also naive, falling under silliness when she can't tell the difference between two Tamaki's despite the real one using her ability to ignite and the other one which appears to have a deep voice, only seeing that the real one when her lucky lecher lure has activated.

Powers & Abilities

  • Medical Knowledge: Iris has basic medical knowledge.


Early Life

During her early life, Iris attended The Holy Sol Temple along with Hibana, where they were praying for the most of the days and they worship the God of the Sun. As soon as the church had been set on fire, she and Hibana watched when all the sisters have been incinerated, ending Iris and Hibana the only two who survived the tragic fire incident. While Hibana shields Iris's eyes, Hibana decides to have her run away together. Eventually, Hibana had decided to leave her so she can be captain of Company 5. Soon, Iris joins Company 8 and she helped extinguish the infernal as her very first mission, it was also her groups' first mission as well.


  • Iris is hinted multiple times to have a crush on Shinra.
  • She does like every food, but her favorite food is tomatoes.
  • She prefers people that have dreams and who are very honest.