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"Iris" is one of the two main protagonists (along with the Prince of Darkness) and lead female protagonist of Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle.


Iris is kindhearted and lovable queen. She stood up to her subjects and willing to protect her people from evil such as the current King of Darkness.


Iris has long blue hair and cyan eyes. She primarily wears a light-colored dress.

Skills and Abillities

She can wield a sword and can sprout out angel wings in order to fly.


She was introduced taking up her blade and flying off to face a cloud of darkness.

While she was fighting the dark forces attacking, Iris's knights were close by, ready to defend their queen by fending the evil creatures off.

As the fight contenues, Iris notices on how the darkness is expanding and the balane is expanding.

Following the fight, she was seen at a balcony while several of servants discuss the balance of light and darkness as it is now.

An elderly man also asks Iris if she was still well after all the power she used, she reassures him that he sould not worry.

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