Iris Amicitia is a guest character in Final Fantasy XV. She is the younger sister of Gladiolus Amicitia.


Iris has short dark brown hair, and brown eyes. In concept art and in her official render, she wears a black and red short-sleeved hoodie, a black and red tartan-pattern miniskirt. In the game, the red accents of her outfit appear more brown. She wears black heeled boots with red soles. She has a leather choker and a necklace with a round black pendant. She wears two belts with a chain hanging from one attached to her skirt. She has red cord wrapped around her left wrist, and a leather bracer on her other wrist.


Having known Noctis and Ignis since she was a child, Iris is a trusted friend. She is a strong girl at her core who tries to remain positive even in tough situations. She is independent and headstrong.

Iris appears to have a crush on Noctis. During the time she shows Noctis around in Lestallum, she tells him that it "feels like a date". She gives him a gift to keep him safe, praises him during battle if the player does well, and there is an optional scene for Noctis to give Iris flowers.

Powers and Abilities

As a temporary party member, Iris is level 18 and has the lowest HP.

In combat, she will usually stray from direct battle, choosing to heal party members in danger or dwindling health and cheer the party on. She relies on Gladiolus when in direct combat, often teaming up with him. When engaging in direct combat, she will occasionally throw a few punches or sweep kicks against enemies. When near Noctis, she will throw a moogle at an enemy when performing a link-strike or a blindside-link. Iris can be particularly useful for traversing the dungeon on the way to Cape Caum, which contains a royal tomb.

Her Technique is Eclipse. It takes up 2 bars from the Tech Bar. Against normal enemies she performs a sweep kick against an enemy, after which Gladiolus will arrive to add a slash and throw Iris into the air. Iris will slam her legs into an overhead arc kick at the enemy. Against magitek troops or Imperial enemies, Eclipse will have Iris bind the enemy and flip into their backs and deal a devastating kick to their backs. Eclipse will instantly kill any magitek troops.

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