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Iris Ann West-Allen (born June 24, 1989) is the co-leader of Team Flash, a former journalist for Central City Picture News, a former waitress at CC Jitters, and a psychology graduate student. Iris is also the daughter of Joe and the late Francine West, the sister of Wally West, the fiancée of the late-Eddie Thawne, the wife of Barry Allen, and the mother of her future daughter Nora Allen. In the Flashpoint timeline, Iris and Joe seemed to have some tension since Iris didn't know about Francine being alive. She also knew that Wally was the Flash and they formed a brother-sister crime-fighting duo. After Flashpoint was removed from existence when Barry let Eobard Thawne kill Nora Allen in an attempt to restore the original timeline, Iris was estranged from her father Joe only to reconnect after hearing of Barry's time traveling. The life of Iris was later threatened by a powerful villain named Savitar, which they could foresee due to Barry accidentally traveling into the future trying to trap the villain, which was a future time remnant of Barry. Iris survived thanks to the sacrifice of H.R Wells, and in the final battle, she killed Savitar, erasing him from existence.

After Barry's disappearance into the Speed Force, she took over Team Flash and coordinated the superhero activities of Vibe and Kid Flash. After Barry's return, she continued her position as team leader until she decided to retire and be a reporter again, serving as mission control, giving herself the code name "Eye in the Sky". During an encounter with the meta-human Mathew Kim/Melting Point, Iris briefly gained her husband's speed and took over for him as The Flash before tracking down Kim and having him return the powers to Barry.


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