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Iron Patriot is an alias used by several characters in the Marvel Universe. The alias is an amalgam of Iron Man's armor and Captain America's patriotism.


Looking for a symbol to rally America behind him after becoming a hero during the Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn(better known as the Green Goblin) developed his Iron Patriot persona using Tony Stark's arsenal flag-patterned with Steve Rogers' colors until his dismissal during the Siege of Asgard in Oklahoma. Later, the Iron Patriot mantle was taken over by a true hero: James Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine. And after him, by Dr. Toni Ho.


  • Superhuman strength and durability
  • A cyberpathic link with a prior version of his powered armored suit
  • Supersonic flight at Mach 3
  • Energy repulsors
  • Flametrowers
  • Miniature lasers
  • Flight
  • Missiles
  • Regenerative life support (sometimes powered by solar power)


The Iron Patriot Armor strongly resembles the Iron Man Armor MK L but has American flag colors, different weapons and uses a palladium power core instead of an Arc Reactor.


  • The Iron Patriot Armor takes inspiration from it's appearance in the Iron Man 3 film.
  • Norman Osbon the original Iron Patriot is a villain while his successor and the Ultimate Iron Patriot are heroes.