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Stick around. I’m full of bad ideas.
~ Isaac Clarke to Ellie Langford.
Good men mean well. We just don't always end up doing well.
~ Clarke to John Carver.

Isaac Clarke is the main protagonist of the Dead Space franchise.

Originally a systems engineer for the Concordance Extraction Corporation, Isaac's life would change forever when volunteering to repair the USG Ishimura. After surviving the Necromorph outbreak, Clarke would suffer from the influence of the marker, with its inscriptions being imprinted into his mind when coming into contact with it.

He is voiced by and modelled after Gunner Wright.


Early Life

Isaac Clarke was born on June 5th, 2465 to Poul and Octavia Clarke, but was raised by his mother most of his life since his father left for a mission. When he was young, Clarke studied in electrical and mechanical engineering and was selected to attend an academy for the subject. However, his mother spent their money on the Church of Unitology, leaving unable to attend the prestigious school. As a result, Isaac developed a hatred for the religion and disliked anyone who was a member. Despite this, he was able to graduate a from college with honors, allowing him to become a systems engineer for the Concordance Extraction Corporation.

During his career, Clarke managed to impress his superiors by showing his skills in the Merchant Marines division, thus allowing him to be promoted to shipping lanes. Around this time, Isaac began a romantic relationship with medical officer Nicole Brennan, and encouraged her to become a crew member of the USG Ishimura.

Dead Space

Following the communications blackout on the Ishimura, Isaac volunteered to rescue his girlfriend by joining the repair mission with Zach Hammond and Kendra Daniels. Boarding the ship to investigate the distress signal, the USG Kellion is damaged while docking, but the crew is able to continue on their mission. When searching through the ship, the crew are attacked by Necromorphs, leaving Clarke, Hammond and Daniels being the only survivors despite being separated. Despite being separated, Clarke was tasked by Hammond to repair parts of the ship while dealing with the Necromorphs ambushing him. While doing repairs, Isaac would experience hallucinations and encountered survivals that were deranged or hostile.

Though able to set out a signal to the military vessel USM Valor, Necromorphs attacked the crew of the Valor, causing it to crash into the Ishimura. After surviving the incident, Isaac was tasked with retrieving the singularity core, and witnessed Hammond's death at the hands of a Necromorph brute. Once getting the core, Clarke was contacted by Dr. Terrence Kyne, whom wanted his assistance in returning the marker to the colony. When meeting with the scientist, the engineer witnesses Kyne's death at the hands of Daniels, who revealed herself to be a EarthGov agent assigned to obtain the marker. After she left, Isaac is assisted by Nicole, who tells him to take the marker to Aegis to have the chunk of it return to the planet.

Confronted by Kendra again, she shows Isaac the extended video that Nicole sent him, revealing that she committed suicide when the Necromorphs started to take over the ship. Though shocked by the revelation, Clarke decides to escape, but is forced to fight the Hive Mind after witnessing Kendra's demise. After killing the creature by hitting its weak points, Clarke escaped to a shuttle before the rock crashes into the planet. Surviving the incident, Isaac plays Nicole's video before turning it off, mourning the loss of his lover. However, Clarke is then attacked by a hallucination of Nicole before the credits role.

The Sprawl

Afterward, Clarke was taken into the Sprawl where he was part of Project Telomere, where scientists had Isaac and other subjects create the Site 12 marker by using the imprints from their minds. Isaac would have sessions with scientist such as Foster Edgars, and was diagnosed with dementia and PTSD while being given suppressants to keep him in check.

Dead Space 2

When the Unitologists started the outbreak on the Sprawl, Isaac was awoken by Franco Delille, and witness his infection and transformation before escaping from the hospital. He is then contacted by Daina Le Guin, who claims that she can cure his dementia if he can reach her location. Though initially reluctant, Isaac agrees to meet her, and also encounters another patient named Nolan Stross. While heading to Daina, Clarke began to suffer from hallucinations, with many of them being of a phantom of Nicole taunting him. Once reaching Le Guin, she reveals herself to be a Unitologist and tends to put him into stasis, but she and her men are killed by Hans Tiedemann's gunship.

Barley escaping from the gunship and a massive creature referred to as a the "The Tormentor", Isaac is contacted by Stross, whom explains that they can destroy the Site 12 marker by following the steps. Trying to reach his location, Clarke encounters a survivor named Ellie Langford, whom reluctantly agrees to help him reach Nolan when she encounters the patient. He manages to reach the two despite Tiedemann's attempt to thwart his progress, but suffers from more hostile hallucinations and notices that Nolan's dementia is getting worse. When Hans separates a portion of the Sprawl, he causes the government sector to slowly drift, forcing Clarke to enter the Ishimura to obtain gravity tethers. However, Clarke is forced to kill Stross, who succumbed to his insanity and attacked Ellie and the engineer to have them take the sessions for him.

When going through the mining area to reunite with Ellie, Isaac is attacked by Nicole's phantom, who demands to know why he wont let her go. He reveals that she was his everything, and upon doing so, the phantom let him go before explaining that the fourth step is acceptance. Reaching the government sector, Clarke activates the gunship with Ellie inside, not wanting her to be another casualty. After speaking with Nicole's apparition, Isaac fought more Necromorphs and evaded Tiedemann's men to reach the machine, which he used to restore his memories. Once the convergence is initiated, Clarke reaches the marker despite being wounded by a heavily injured Tiedmann. Embracing the phantom of Nicole, he is betrayed by her, as the marker needs all of the creators dead to fully start the convergence.

Angered by the revelation, Isaac battles the apparition and several other Necromorph phantoms, managing to destroy the marker and its influence from his mind. Returning to reality, he accepts his fate before Ellie contacts him, managing to breach the roof to allow him to enter the gunship, allowing him to escape.

Post Titan Station

Following the Sprawl incident, Isaac and Ellie went into hiding on Luna's colony, where they started a romantic relationship. Though free from the marker's influence, Clarke suffered from its effects while also feeling survivors guilt following the events of the Ishimura and the Titan Station. His relationship with Ellie soon soured when he was unable to move past his trauma, and refusing to help her find the source of the Markers and their creation. While Clarke continued to hide, the war against the government and the Unitologist proceeded to escalate to the point that Jacob Daink started his own militia to start a global convergence.

Dead Space 3

Still hiding from EarthGov, Clarke is confronted by Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver, who ask for his help to stop the Markers and find Ellie. Upon learning that Ellie was missing, Isaac agreed to help them, but the group encountered Danik and his men once they started an outbreak on the colony. After escaping Daink's attempt to kill him, Clarke is able to board the USM Eudora, and reached the planet Tau Volantis. When the ship is hit with mines, Clarke jumps into action by saving the crew and helping them reach the CMS Roanoke. Reuniting with Ellie, Isaac discovers her relationship with Norton, but goes on to investigate the captain's quarters.

Inside the quarters, Clarke is able to read the Marker inscriptions, revealing that the captain discovered a machine that could control the markers. Ellie then deduced that Volantis is the home world for markers, and the crew (excluding Norton) agreed to reach the planet. Heading to the surface, the ship crashes onto the planet, but most of the crew is able to survive the incident. Reuniting with the group, tensions between Isaac and Norton grow as the latter believes that the former only agreed to continue on the mission because he still has feelings for Ellie. When reaching the warehouse, the group are attacked by Danink and his men, causing Clarke to be temporarily separated from his allies.

Once reuniting with the group, they discover a giant Necromorph frozen in ice, and Isaac agrees reach the creature so he can find the signal that lead to the machine. After getting the signals, Isaac is captured by Danik alongside Carver and Norton, with Jacob revealing that Robert was one who lead him to the planet. Before they can be killed, Isaac, Carver and Norton are able to escape and fight against the Danik's men before the giant Necromorph emerges from its imprisonment. After killing the creature, Norton attacks both Clarke and Carver, resulting in Isaac killing him in self defense. Reuniting with Ellie and Jennifer Santos, the latter explains that she found information on something called the Codex and the Rosetta that is located at a nearby lab.

Reaching the cliffside, the group are attacked by a Necromorph known as the Snow Beast, and Isaac attempts to save Santos before Carver cuts the cable holding her in the cart. Though angered at Carver for his actions, Isaac is separated once again when he falls off the cliff, and kills the Snow Beast when he regains consciousness. Reaching the lab with Carver and Ellie, Isaac combines the Rosetta pieces and experiences the memories of the aliens creating a machine to freeze the planet after the Brethren Moons was created from the Necromorph infestation. Isaac reveals this information to his allies, but soon discovers that Danik and his men have captured them. Attempting to stop the cult leader by using the decontamination protocol, Danik escapes and Isaac is forced to leave Ellie in the room.

Angered at Ellie's "death", Isaac becomes hellbent on killing Danik, and continues the pursuit alongside Carver. Managing to re-obtain the Codex, Isaac and Carver are confronted by Danik with Ellie when reaching the machine. Carver gives Jacob the codex, thus unfreezing the planet to start the convergence event. The Brethren Moon comes to the planet, and Isaac has Ellie escape as he and Carver deal with the moon. Managing to cause harm to the moon, Isaac and Carver sacrifice themselves to activate the machine, causing the brethren to crash onto the planet.

Dead Space 3: Awakened

Though believed to have died during the Brethren Moon's crash on Tau Volantis, Isaac and Carver awake underground, buzzled by how they survived the incident. Despite their confusion, the two decide to leave and are overjoyed to realize that they're are no markers or Necromorphs to deal with. However, they encounter Necromorphs, realizing that the marker signal was somehow still active and was still reanimating corpses. Seeing the potential threat the moons could do, Isaac and Carver decided to find a drop ship to escape and warn Earth. Reaching a ship, they discover that they can't leave without a shockpoint drive, with one being on the CMS Terra Nova.

Reaching the Terra Nova, Isaac and Carver encounter a new cult that wants to start the convergence, and suffer from aggressive hallucinations. While Carver suffers them, Isaac is slowly influenced by the cult leader, believing that installing the shockpoint drive will cause the Brethren Moons to follow them. Isaac and Carver become hostile to each other and fight until they enter their minds, where they encounter a hallucination of the cult leader. Fighting him, the Brethren Moon reveals that it used the cult leader to slow the two down as it was reaching Earth. Upon regaining their sanity, the two install the shockpoint drive into the reacto to enter shockspace.

When reaching Earth, they discover that the Brethren Moon has reached the planet, and hear people on the planet being presumably attacked by the Necromorphs. When a moon comes into their view, Isaac and Carver suffer from their dementia, leaving their fates unknown.

Other Media

He appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a DLC playable character. Isaac's in-game rival is Zeus from the God of War series.

Isaac and Ellie are searching through space for Tau Volantis. Suddenly, Isaac starts to see visions of a battle between a group of humans and creatures (the other All-Stars). Ellie insists that they put it aside and head for Tau Volantis, knowing that it is the source of the necromorphs, but Isaac senses an even greater power and wants to see for himself. Eventually, she decides to let him investigate.

In his ending, after he defeated Polygon Man and gained his powers, Isaac returns to his space ship to tell Ellie what he just experienced. He says it has nothing to do with Necromorphs or the Markers, but describes it as "stuff you and I haven't ever dreamed of. Not all of them bad." Isaac also tells her that the Polygon Man's power he just gained would "make things a lot more interesting."


  • Intelligence: Isaac is highly intelligent, having earned high honors in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering. His knowledge in the field gives him the advantage against the Necromorphs, as he can hack, dismantle and work his ways through any ship he comes across.
  • Indomitable Will: Clarke has demonstrated great willpower, as he was able to fend off against the marker's influence during the Sprawl outbreak. His mental resilience is also strong, as he is determined to survive or end the Marker threat despite suffering from its influence and being betrayed by those he considered friends.
  • Resourcefulness: Despite not having any combat training, Isaac's greatest ability is his resourcefulness, able to utilize any type of equipment he can get his hands on. Once learning how to kill Necromorphs from audio logs, Clarke is able to fend himself against the scourge.


Come on!
~ Isaac's only line in Dead Space.
You're not Nicole! Nicole is dead! You're not really here.
~ Isaac to the hallucination of Nicole.
You're a Unitologist? Of course you are. Why did I trust you?!
~ Isaac upon Daina's betrayal.
You're just a hallucination! Stross knows how to destroy you! He knows how to destroy the Marker. We will destroy you!
~ Isaac fighting off Nicole's mockery.
Get out of my head! You're not Nicole!
~ Isaac to Nicole.
Why did you do it, Stross?
~ Isaac after having to kill Stross.
Because you were my everything. And if I let you go, I've got nothing left.
~ Isaac to Phantom Nicole.
Goddammit, I trusted you! F**k you, and f**k your Marker!
~ Issac to Phantom Nicole before destroying the Marker.
I know why I'm doin' this. Do you?
~ Isaac to Carver.
Oh no... no... We've got it all wrong... This isn't the Marker home world! The aliens, they... they found the Markers, just like us - and it spread! It consumed them, it... it pulled their bodies into the sky to form the final stage... Oh my god! The moon... The Moon is the source of the Marker Signal, not the Machine! The Moon is Convergence! The aliens, they... they built the Machine to freeze the planet - to keep the Moon from becoming whole!
~ Isaac realizing about the Markers.
Ellie, I turned my back on the world because I was afraid of what needed to be done. Ellie, I'm not afraid anymore. There's a shuttle over there. I want you to take it and head for home. Don't come back for me! We both know I'm not coming home! Go!
~ Isaac to Ellie.
You can't have us.
~ Isaac to the Brethren Moon.
...but Earth... gets a tomorrow.
~ Isaac to Carver.
I know the dangers of men convinced they're gods. If I'm what stands between you and the rest of civilization, I'll put an end to this... now!
~ Isaac to Zeus in the battle royale.


Concept Art



  • His armour can be unlocked by the Agent in MySims Agents.
  • The character's name is a homage to science-fiction authors Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.
  • Despite being 50 by the time of the final game, Isaac still had the looks and vitality of someone in their 30s at least; suggesting either it's an aftereffect of Marker exposure or the the 25th century has extended lifespans.
  • He is very similar to Ellen Ripley of the Alien series.
    • Both don't have a military background.
    • Both have survived events from alien attacks.
    • Both were betrayed by a crew member (Ash and Kendra Daniels).
  • He is similar to Alan Wake from the titular video game:
    • Both are possessed/brainwashed by the villain.
    • Both are pawn of the villain, and both have suffered from amnesia.
    • Both have a main goal to rescue their lovers (Nicole Brennan and Alice Wake), though Isaac failed due to Nicole being dead, but does rescue Ellie in Dead Space 3.
    • Both fight enemies that are numerous and can ambush them through their journeys.
  • Isaac Clarke is also similar to both Gordon Freeman from Half-Life and Morgan Yu from Prey.
    • All three have stopped an alien apocalypse.
    • All three are armed with repair tools at the beginning: Isaac's Plasma Cutter, Gordon's crowbar, and Morgan's wrench.
    • All three never speak. Although Isaac only grunts in the first game, he speaks in the sequels, while Morgan Yu can only be heard at the trailer and pre-recorded messages.


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