Isabel is the tritagonist of the 2011 Medieval comedy Your Highness. She is a female warrior who joins Fabious and Thadeous on their quest to kill the evil sorcerer Leezar. She is the last living member of the Harshbarger order and a descent of the Golden Order of Knights. Isabel is also the love interest of Thadeous.

Isabel is portrayed by Natalie Portman, who portrayed Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy and Jane Foster in the Thor film series.


Death of Family

When Isabel was a child, her father was enslaved by Marteetee and slaughtered by his hand-like pet hydra in his arena. Since then, she vowed revenge on Marteetee. After their father's death, her brothers were killed by the evil sorcerer Leezar, and Isabel swore revenge on him as well. At some point, Isabel was cursed by an evil witch by a chastity belt, which could only be removed by killing her.

Joining the Princes

In adult years Isabel begins to avenge her father's death as she disguises herself and presumably lets herself be captured by Marteetee's people, along with two brothers, Prince Fabious and Prince Thadeous, Thadeous' squire Courtney and others. After Fabious, who killed Marteetee's finest warrior, is poisoned by Marteetee's pet hydra, she begins cutting the heads off the hydra, leaving Marteetee with only his middle finger. After Isabel reveals herself, she declares she would avenge her father today, first by killing his hydra and second by killing him. True to her word, she kills Marteetee, then escapes with Thadeous, Fabious and Courtney.

Going for a Swim

Isabel is later seen by Thadeous and Fabious from a distance as she undresses herself to go for a swim in the pond. When Isabel catches Thadeous and Fabious spying on her, the two keep their distance and freeze in their positions. She ignores them, dives into the water and swims.

Physical Appearance

Skills and Abilities


Isabel is the exact opposite of a typical damsel in distress. She is tough, fearless and determined. She is a serious warrior who does to stop until she completes a quest. She also takes the rules of quests very seriously explaining to Thadeous when Fabious stopped him from telling her their quest. Despite being tough and brave, Isabel is also kind and helpful, when learn that Fabious was captured by Leezar's henchmen agrees to work together with Thadeous and Courtney to find the Blade of Unicorn and save Fabious. Isabel cared deeply about her father and brothers, promising to avenge them after their deaths by the hands of Leezar and Marteetee.


  • In a deleted scene, after escaping Marteetee's people, she yells at Thadeous for almost getting her killed, then to cut off his penis and wear it as a trophy. Ironically when Thadeous finds the Blade of Unicorn and kills the Minotaur guarding it, he does just that, though he originally wanted to cut its horn.


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