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Kids just didn’t buy toys anymore. They were too busy playing those horrible video games, which rotted the brain and promoted all sorts of unwholesome things like murder, foul language, and microtransactions. Isabel tried, oh she tried. Her work was not lacking. The whiteboard walls of her office were covered in scribblings, enough ideas to keep the Wondertainment product line going for a full generation. But it wouldn’t do any good if the only people who bought her toys were a few odd collectors and the ever-dwindling number of Wondertainment faithful. All that work, all that effort, and no one liked any of her toys. Heart and soul poured out into her work, and the Board barks back with a wheezing “the focus groups don’t like it.” Focus groups! There never used to be focus groups in this company!
~ Excerpt from "Assistance for the Boss Lady".
Here at Wondertainment Industries, we believe that the best toys are those created with only fun in mind. When we lose sight of that, we lose the spark that makes our products the best toys out there.
~ Dr. Wondertainment to the Foundation in SCP-4714.

Dr. Isabel Helga Anastasia Parvati Wondertainment V, PhD is a prominent character in the SCP Foundation Mythos. She is the current "Key Creative Director And Big Boss Lady" of Dr. Wondertainment, being a mysterious but childish individual with the ability to create anomalous toys for children to enjoy.

She is one of the main protagonists in the "Verse of an Endless Song" series, a supporting character in the "Acidverse" and "What a Wonderful World" canons, and is often seen as the archenemy of the Scarlet King.


(Note: Due to the lack of canon in the universe of the SCP Foundation, there are several versions of Isabel. They are described below.)


Possible Origins

Adventures in Capitalism

Isabel Helga Anastasia Parvati Wondertainment V is the daughter of the late Reginald Philbert Lionel Archibald Westinghouse Wondertainment III, MD, PhD, DDS, Esq. who was the previous "Key Creative Director And Big Boss Man". She was always surrounded by Jeremy-Corgies, who perform various tasks for her.

Miss Heir



Isabel was previously the Lead Toy Designer at Dr. Wondertainment, before she received a letter from her father. The letter stated the both he and his wife, Isabel's mother, had perished during a private project. The letter announced Isabel as the new "Key Creative Director And Big Boss Lady" of the company.

Isabel would later get an assistant in the form of Emma Aieselthorpe-Brown, with whom she would develop a friendship with.

Possible Endings

When We Came Home


The Stars Do Not Wait For You


To Never See the Light of Day


What A Wonderful World


Powers and Abilities

As a Doctor Wondertainment, Isabel has the ability to create various powerful and bizarre "toys" each with their unique abnormal anomalies that can define reality. She could achieve this thanks to her great intelligence and reality warping power she most likely inherited from her predecessor. However, just like the other Wondertainments, she wasn't in her right state of mind, being unable to perceive things correctly which often led her to be manipulated or cause unintentional damage.

In the final battle against the Scarlet King, Isabel was able to tap into the power of creation which allowed her to be more than match to the evil old god. She alongside the other six warriors, wielded the King's spears and was able to kill him and prevent the destruction of the universe. In the aftermath, she alongside All-Death rebuilt reality.




Isabel was described as having red hair and green eyes and in times of Christmas she would wear ugly sweaters. In another account she was described as possessing light brown skin, leaving her ethnicity ambiguous, and often wearing a top hat.





  • Based on her name, she would be 5th Isabel Wondertainment, but this might not be true, since the family has a "muddled" history.
  • In the universe of the tale 'Re: KTO-0001-Bellfather "Overwatch Council"' in which the GOC is unrelated to the UN and the Foundation doesn't exist, Isabel Wondertainment alongside other leaders from notable GoIs formed an organization known as Overwatch Council which was somewhat an analogue of the Foundation as their goals are to secure the innocent victims of the GOC, contain operatives of the GOC and protect those victims objects from the GOC since the latter has almost completely eradicated the anomalous world.

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