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Heroine Overview

You're the ones who caused this nightmare! You ruined Santa Cabeza and started all this!
~ Isabela Keyes in Dead Rising.

Isabela Keyes is the sister of Carlito Keyes and a major antagonist turned deuteragonist in Dead Rising.

She was played by Kim Mai Guest in Dead Rising (who also voiced Xian Mei), Venus Terzo in Dead Rising 2, and Veronica Diaz in Dead Rising 3.


During the events of the first game, Isabela reformed and aided Frank West in stopping her brother's plot. Over time, she helped develop Zombrex, which helped zombie infectees delay the process. However, her intentions are once again suspicious around the time of Dead Rising 3; it was revealed that she is the Bigger Bad of the game and the instigator of the plot.


Dead Rising

She is first seen in the entrance of Willamette Mall where Frank is looking at her. He tries to approach her, but a man stops him, saying this is no time to be ogling at the ladies. Later, he saw her again being held hostage by Steven Chapman, the manager of a supermarket. Frank saves her, but she runs away, accusing him of being responsible for ruining Santa Cabeza, the hometown she lives. Next, Frank encounters Isabela in the same supermarket, but he defeats her easily.

She reveals that the zombies are created by the Americans, not her and Carlito. It is used as their tool of vengeance. Isabela introduces herself to Frank and promises to bring Carlito for interrogation. However, she returns with a gunshot wound to her shoulder. It is revealed that Carlito has did it since he is outraged by the meeting. From that point on, Isabela aids Frank in stopping her brother's plot and helps develop a medicine that stalls his zombification following a bite from one that attacked him on the helipad. This later developed into Zombrex. Her ultimate fate is initially unknown, as she is last seen in the game kicking at zombies after she and Frank defeated Brock Mason.

Dead Rising 2: Case West

It is revealed that she survived the events of Dead Rising and is now a researcher working on behalf of Phenotrans under the control of Marian Mallon. She tries her best to help Frank and Chuck Greene, but is captured and has her research destroyed by Harjit Singh before she can get to them.

Dead Rising 3

Isabela returns in the third game, set ten years later, where it turns out that the protagonist Nick Ramos was in fact one of the orphans in Carlito's plot. She provides as much help as she can and shows how Nick does in fact possess the cure to the zombie outbreak inside him, making him the one orphan out of Carlito's group that would be a safeguard. Reunited with Chuck among new allies, Isabela boards the plane constructed by Nick and his crew to escape Los Perdidos before the firebombing commences. Nick defeats General Hemlock and stops the firebombing. Prior to leaving, Isabela mentions that she has to retrieve something.

In the secret ending to the game, achieved by defeating Overtime Mode, Isabela watches a recording on her laptop. The recording is of a conversation between her and Mallon that reveals that Isabela was the one who was responsible for the outbreak in Los Perdidos. She knew of the presence of and deliberately triggered the zombie infection so she could root out the cure-bearing orphan (Nick). Isabela openly states that any lives lost in the process would be inconsequential, so long as she goes down in history as a hero for finding the cure—no matter the cost. After viewing the recording, Isabela promptly destroys the laptop and rejoins the others.



  • She is 27 in DR1, 32 in DR2, and 42 in DR3.
  • She has a new voice actor for every game she has appeared in.
  • She is the only character to appear in all three Dead Rising eras.
  • She is the only villain that manages to get away with her crime.
  • Isabela, Bibi, Paul, Snowflake, and Kenny are the only psychopaths who canonically survive.
  • Ironically, her brother caused the Willamette outbreak, while she caused the Los-Perdidos outbreak.
  • She is the first playable female character in the series; when handling the weapon at the back of the vehicle at the end of Dead Rising.
  • Her nationality is never told, but it is hinted to either be Argentinian or Bolivian, since the Pachamama is worshipped and celebrated in both countries.
  • In Dead Rising 2, her name is spelled "Isabella", as seen with subtitles on. It's also spelled this way in Dead Rising 3, in subtitles and some mission names.
  • She is the only protagonist and secondary character to turn evil and cause a zombie outbreak which makes her the only villain to actually succeed in their goals.
  • She is the only character to have three different character designs, illustrating her aging. If not counting Chuck, as he also has different character design in Off the Record.
  • She is the first psychopath to ride a motorcycle. She is also the only female psychopath to ride a vehicle in her battle.
    • She is also the only motorcycle-riding psychopath to drive an unmodified motorcycle, as Leon Bell, Chuck Greene and Hunter Thibodeaux ride the Slicecycle and RollerHawg respectively.

Dead Rising

  • Her theme shares instruments with her brother Carlito's theme.
  • In the beta version, the player would have to save Isabela from Larry instead of Steven.
  • Isabela is one of the psychopaths who Frank encounters more than once. The others are Carlito Keyes, Kent Swanson, and the Convicts.
  • Despite being pictured with a Barrett M82 in her concept art, she does not use the Barrett M82 anywhere in the game. She does use the Barrett M82 in an old trailer for the game while clearing out zombies in the Entrance Plaza.
  • During Isabela's psychopath fight, if a player uses ranged weapons to defeat Isabela from the highest scaffolding, out of Isabela's reach, the player will instantly fail all case files. This is because the trigger for story progression after the fight is within a certain distance from Isabela after she is defeated. It is not known if this was intended by developers or if this is a glitch.

Dead Rising 2

  • The earrings in her notebook photo are different to the ones she wears in game.

Dead Rising 3

  • She gains a scar on her face and developed a disregard for humanity, similar to Brock Mason.
  • Though Marian Mallon and General Hemlock were the Big Bad Duumvirate, Isabela was the true main antagonist because she came up with the idea to start the outbreak and had deeper motives than anyone else. In the end, she gets away with everything.
  • She was a tragic villain who was motivated to commit evil due to suffering from seeing her people (including her parents) die, as everything she and her brother did was justified, then after Frank redeemed her, he puted a little lie to make Isabela seem innocent and everything was her brother's idea, however in Dead Rising 3 she became ungrateful for Frank's help and continues being evil, she lost her tragic background as she's FAR PAST IT and none other of her actions had nothing to do with it, except for her selfishness, jealously of Frank and Chuck's fame (as they deserve it) and na
  • narcissist part of her personality.

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