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Isabella Finch is the posthumous overarching protagonist of the DuckTales reboot series. She was a famous explorer who founded the Junior Woodchucks and is Scrooge McDuck's hero and role model. She was also the grandmother of Bradford Buzzard, who unfortunately became a villain and attempted to eliminate adventure entirely.



Isabella appeared as a female anthropomorphic finch who wore a female explorer's outfit.


Isabella Finch was a daring individual with a thirst for adventure who went on dangerous expeditions to explore the unknown. She also wanted her grandson, Bradford to follow in her footsteps by dragging him alongside her on these quests, though this had the opposite effect on him.

Powers and Abilities

Isabella was a talented explorer with great cunning and superb fighting skills.


Isabella Finch was a legendary explorer and the co-founder of the Junior Woodchucks alongside Clinton Coot. During her adventures, she often took her grandson Bradford Buzzard with her. She had defeated the Fever Beast of Tibet and the Swiss Swarmy of Microbeesia, once fought the Nandi Bear, and owned the ancestor of the Tittertwill Bird of Knowledge. For her famous deeds, she has been featured in pulp adventure books called The Collected Adventures of Isabella Finch, which Scrooge read during his childhood and soon became inspired to adventuring by her.

At some point, Isabella presumably passed away, but not before leaving behind a journal containing information on her adventures, including the Missing Mysteries that she was never able to find. Before her presumed death, she also asked Ludwig Von Drake to make Bradford a S.H.U.S.H. accountant.

Unfortunately, the adventures traumatized Bradford, and he grew up seeing adventure as danger and dedicated his life in stopping it. To this end he founded the evil organization FOWL and set out to find the Missing Mysteries, especially the Papyrus of Binding, to end Scrooge's adventures once and for all, who Bradford viewed as the one who was connected to most adventures. Bradford is eventually defeated and turned into a mindless vulture, ending Isabella's tragic legacy on him.


  • In a way, Isabella Finch is the Greater-Scope Villain of the entire Ducktales 2017 series. She was very irresponsible for bringing Bradford on life threatening adventures and traumatizing him. It is most likely that if she knew about his trauma, she would do nothing about it.

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