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I'm gonna paint you up good!
~ Isla

Isla is a new character from The King of Fighters series. She was introduced in The King of Fighters XV as the main rival of Shun'ei, as well as the deuteragonist of the new story arc, which first started in The King of Fighters XIV. Likewise, she is the fourth rival/deuteragonist of the series, succeeding Iori Yagami, Kula Diamond and Elisabeth Blanctorche.


Shun'ei's new rival introduced in The King of Fighters XV, Isla ends up having the same type of power he has — floating phantom hands which she has nicknamed "Amanda". Growing up in an orphanage in South America where she was shunned and neglected, Isla turned to graffiti art to express herself and slowly gained popularity through social media. She is recruited by Dolores and Heidern to enter the tournament, with the incentive that she'll not only be able to earn money for the orphanage and the other children there, but that she'll finally learn the secret of her power through meeting Shun'ei.


Isla is an extremely energetic graffiti artist based in South America. Though she lives a life of solitude, she has developed a deep and trusting relationship with her phantom hands, Amanda. However, when push comes to shove, Isla is no joke as she uses Amanda and her spray cans to mix up whoever gets in her way.

Although, there are hidden depths in Isla. Upon being recruited by Heidern, Isla is jagged and abrasive, not taking orders well and walking around like she runs the place. She doesn't get along with adults at all. Isla hates her parents for abandoning her, hates her orphanage for abusing her, barely gets along with her adult teammates, and despises Shun'ei for having positive adults in his life. However, towards the end of her team's story, Isla becomes more invested in fighting for what is right and working together for the good of more than just herself. During her ending she's completely changed, being nice to everyone around her and wanting to get to know Shun'ei better, connecting over their shared individuality as Amplified Specters. Another positive trait about Isla is that she cares deeply for the other kids at her orphanage, and her interview states that she wants to donate any prize money to them, but in way that the orphanage staff won't try to grift.


Isla has a similar power to that of her rival, Shun'ei, though both hands are purple. She uses them to perform all of her punch attacks, while kicks are done on her own.


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